Review of Best Moisturisers

Cetraben Cream – £3.32 (Lloyds Pharmacy)
Egyptian Magic – £29.00 (Boots, Amazon, Liberty)
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula – £3.99  (Boots)
Superdrug Coconut Oil – £2.49 (Superdrug)

For me moisturising has been a vital part of my daily routine for as long as I can remember. The reason, I have eczema and therefore dry and sensitive skin. Because of this I have been through countless moisturisers trying to find the most effective one for me. It is important to remember that different moisturisers work for different people, however if you have dry and sensitive skin these are the ones I really recommend.

I would say that Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula is the best full body moisturiser out of all of these and I also love the smell of it. I think the best time to put it on just after a shower, it is great for locking in moisture for an entire day. Over the years I have been using it I think it also reduces the appearance of uneven skin. It is fairly thick in consistency, meaning it doesn’t last as long as some other moisturisers, however is so reasonably priced that it doesn’t matter.

For non-presciption eczema relief I have recently discovered Cetraben cream and I love it. It is great as a less harsh alternative to my prescription medicine, it soothes and softens skin. I think it is best applied before bed so it can work its magic, although it is also light enough to wear in the day and absorbs into the skin really well. It comes in a great pump container meaning it is quick and easy to grab and use.

The most expensive moisturiser on this list is Egyptian Magic, an all-natural all-purpose moisturiser. I apply this twice a week to my face as it is a fairly deep, oil like moisturiser, almost having the effect of a moisturising face mask. It has really helped my eczema and the general moisture of all of my skin. It melts in your hands, turning into an oil like constancy, which absorbs really well and I would highly recommend it. It can also be used for replenishing hair moisture, something that works really well, and for generally giving you a natural glow.

Last, but by no means least, we come to Coconut Oil, which again starts solid but melts in your hands to create a great oil-like consistency. Again this can be used for hair and skin, and although doesn’t provide quite as much of a deep moisturise as Egyptian Magic, is still a very good moisturiser, plus it smells, quite obviously, like coconuts, lovely. With consistent use this moisturiser certainly reduces uneven skin tone and can be also used as a hair mask.

Overall these are all moisturisers I highly recommend and that I regularly use in different combinations. If you are struggling with eczema or any other skin condition, however, I recommend looking for specialist moisturisers, like Cetraben or E45, and if it gets no better contacting the doctors.

Love Holly x

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