Art to Die For / ‘Girl in Bed’ by Lucian Freud

In half term one of my friends invited me to London to go to the National Portrait Gallery, and obviously I took them up on the offer. We had a lovely, sunny day in London, we visited Tower Bridge and Harrods, but the highlight of the day was the stunning National Portrait Gallery. We specifically looked at the contemporary portraiture and one piece that enchanted me was ‘Girl in Bed’ by Lucian Freud.

I am going to be honest, I am not normally the biggest fan of Freud’s work, but this piece was beautiful. I have been trying to pinpoint exactly what it is I like so much about this piece and have been really struggling to put my finger on it. It could possibly be how delicate it is, the gorgeous colour palette used, the enlarged eyes of the figure or the simplicity of the composition, whatever it is I just love this painting.

I have been captivated by all sorts of art since I was very young and I have to say that only on a few occasions has a painting or piece of work had such a profound effect on me as this painting did. You will not know what I mean unless you have had this experience, but it is a magical moment. I hope that if this kind of encounter is something you are yet to experience that you can find that one piece that really makes you tick, you will know when you have found it.

Love Holly x

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