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I was watching one of Alfie Deyes’ vlogs the other day and before it began an advert popped up. Now normally I am the first to skip adverts but this piece really caught my attention. It was a video from Always‘ #LikeAGirl campaign, a campaign to try and ‘stop the drop in confidence girls experience at puberty’ and tackle the topic of inequality on the emoji front.

As much as it may seem like a trivial problem, why shouldn’t girls be able to express themselves with emojis as much as boys? Exactly.

From this video I began to look more into the campaign and love their video about what it means to ‘do something like a girl’, which shows the negative connotations that have been attached to this statement. In the video when they ask adults/teenagers to run (etc) like a girl and they run in a silly manner, flicking their hair and complaining, however when they ask young children to do the same they run (etc) with as much determination as possible. They have not been conditioned, yet, to view doing something like a girl as a bad thing. This really raises an important issue that needs tackling, and I’m glad Always are taking the first leap. They say…

‘72% of girls DO feel society limits them — especially during puberty — a time when their confidence totally plummets. Always is on an epic battle to keep confidence high during puberty & beyond.
We’re on a roll, and we’re not stopping! Now, we’re spreading that word that girls everywhere can be Unstoppable #LIKEAGIRL when they smash limitations.’ – Always

I love this campaign and urge you to share it around as much as possible, make it your good deed for the day!

Watch the Girl Emojis video here and the #LikeAGirl video here. The Unstoppable Video is also fantastic and you can view that here.

Love Holly x

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