All the Things that I’m Currently Lovin’

I have always liked to record what I’m into at certain times and through the last few years, with the craziness of the world, I have found myself doing it more and more – adding them to my diary as a sort of time capsule of the moment for me to look back on in future years. It may be just a snapshot of that day or more representative of a year, but I always think you can tell a lot from what is inspiring someone, what they are choosing to read or do with their time. I can’t wait to have a good giggle at these memories when I am older, so today thought I’d share some of the sort of things I like to record, maybe it’s something you’d like to try, or maybe it’ll just give you a snapshot of me now – it would be a great activity to do with kids too. So here we go, here’s what I am currently….

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