March Playlist

Can someone tell me how it is already March? Cliche, but true – time just seems to be whizzing by at the moment and before I knew it, I’ve found myself in Spring! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, but the world is feeling heavy right now with everything going on and I guess that might be why I’ve turned to music for a bit of solace recently. Somewhere to escape a bit when it feels too much, somewhere familiar – as I’m sure you’ll realise some of these songs are not new from the Top 30 (or whatever the kids call it these days!) – and there is a comfort in that, that I am sure you are all all too familiar with.

The vibe of this playlist is calm with a hopeful edge, this was not intentional, but just seems to be how it has worked out. It’s funny how the subconscious works isn’t it! I’m sharing it with you today in the hope that it brings a bit of lightness to your day, as it has done to some of mine and send you all my love.

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