Letting My Friends Pick My Outfits | Part I

Happy New Year all, finally 2020 is over *breathes a sigh of relief*! The world is still topsy turvy, but I will continue posting despite everything to keep the creativity and positivity flowing because I reckon we (or at least I) need that more than ever as we tiptoe on into 2021 with hopes and fears of what the year will hold. Today’s post is a bit of fun and a homage to the many – many – youtube videos around this theme, that’s right I let me friends dress me! As something to take our minds off their new status in Tier 4 and our lost fun times, I (self centeredly) allowed them into my wardrobe over video call and let them choose the outfit they were most drawn to – and I have to say with fabulous results!

I found it so interesting to see what they picked, some were combinations I would normally go for whilst other choices were so adverse to my normal style – in all the best ways! Isn’t it funny that even though they all had the same to choose from, every outfit was 100% different and, I like to think, each a little bit of them. A Holly & Co. mash up of style so to speak! We had great fun putting these outfits together and I hope you enjoy seeing what they chose, I’m sure they will at least!

Isabel’s Outfit
Jacket – Zara (Depop), Shirt – Vintage Kilo Sale, Trousers – Beyond Retro (Vintage), Shoes – Primark (Many Moons Ago), Bag – Handmade by Me

Isabel’s outfit is giving me alllll the 70s vibes and she was going for ‘good vibes’, so I reckon she nailed it! I adore the combination of the wide sleeve, kimono style jacket with the flared trousers – a double wide vibe isn’t something I’d normally go for – and how it all contrasts with the tight fitting boots! She decided on white accessories, with the boots and tote bag, but went with a more peachy shirt and I love how it all tones together. Simple, but chic and of course totally comfortable. Groovy baby!

Helen’s Outfit
Top – Old Primark, Cardigan – Vintage (Charity Shop), Necklace – Gift, Jeans – Topshop Joni Jeans (Depop), Boots – Office

Helen’s oufit, or perhaps more the the point the styling of it, is definitely more out of my comfort zone! Low cut tops are not my forte at all (anyone will tell you I always have 100 layers on) and, as you can imagine, it took us some time to find one (it ended up being a vest top) to make this look happen! With all that said, I was surprised by how much I loved this outfit, it was my style but more feminine somehow and I really love the necklace cardigan combo, super cute!

I really like how the oversized cardigan and chunky boots look with the skinny jeans and the colour scheme is just *chef’s kiss mwah*, black, beige, brown and gold – such an underrated combo! I added half-up, half-down hair to finish off our homage to Helen and all I can say is, want to come round when this is all over and dress me all the time??

What did you think to the girl’s outfits? I thought they were so fab, and I loved showing them through my closet. Watch out in a few weeks for some more friend styled outfits. Ooh, I can hardly contain my excitement – I think you’re really going to like them!

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