Last Minute Gift Wrap Guide for When You’ve Run Out of Paper

It’s been a funny ol’ festive period so far and to be honest Christmas content hasn’t been high on my list, but as it is the eve of the big day I thought it would be good to end the season with a bit of creative inspiration! Don’t you just hate that feeling when you have presents left to wrap and you suddenly reach the end of the roll of wrapping paper? It’s a true Christmas nightmare (of the frivolous kind). Today I’m sharing three quick tricks for when you reach the end of your sparkly paper and need a quick fix, that doesn’t involve leaving the house, let’s get wrapping!

  1. Get Stamping

If you have any kind of paper, a stamp (or potato that you can make a stamp from) and some ink or paint then you’re away with this one. Here’s a tutorial on how to make stamps out of potatoes if you need too!

Grab your paper and your stamp, ink up your stamp or paint onto it and stamp a pattern onto the paper. Leave it to dry and you’ve got ready made wrapping paper. If you’ve got large gifts to wrap, joing lots of paper together with masking tape and then do your stamping over it to cover the joins.

You can top off this wrapping, as with all these quick tricks, with some ribbon or string. This need not be new, you might have some hanging around from christmases past or you can even colour in normal string to give it stripes or coloured tips. I love the look of natural string, left as it is too, even garden twine can look cute!

2. I Knew There Was A Reason I Was Hoarding Those Magazines

For this second quick fix, grab your old winter magazine editions and find the best picture pages or recipe pages for an added present. Again join if required for a bigger present – this is cute if done with washi tape too! Simply tear out your page and wrap the gift with the festive pattern upwards.

Not only is this a beautiful way to wrap gifts, it is also eco-friendly too. Why not take it a step further and recycle your pages for collage once they’ve been unwrapped too – make next year’s Christmas cards!

If you don’t have any old magazines, you can always use newspaper or recent magazines – choosing pages that fit with the gift recipients interests! Although maybe avoid any Covid-19 announcement pages, no-one needs that on Christmas Day, oh and Brexit too, and maybe some other issues…

I finished of my magazine wonder with a handwritten Merry Christmas using a white Posca pen, saving on having to find/buy/make tags, and then used the aforementioned string for a rustic feel. Cute!

3. Cardboard Beauty

Most of us have been doing the majority of our Christmas shopping online and that leaves us with a lot of boxes. If you’re really stuck, grab those pens and it is time to get decorating. Choose a festive pattern and attack that box with all of your Christmas vigour.

I went for snowflakes with a little ‘with love’ label too and some festive red and white string to top it off! I really like this idea, plus it is nice and easy – just what we need this Christmas!

I hope these ideas help you out this evening when you are panicking and take at least one stress away this Christmas! Have a lovely day tomorrow and thank you for reading this year – it’s been fun!

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