Collage is an art medium that I have loved for years! From being a very unangsty teen in my bedroom cutting and sticking, inspired by Rookie Mag – I still revert back to it as a form of art to do when I am feeling stressed or in need of creativity. Looking back to Lockdown 1 (if we dare), I really loved spending time putting together Collage Kits for people to buy so they could get a bit of that relaxing fun because we all needed a bit of that then, didn’t we!

The truth is that, despite the fact I’m not selling the kits anymore, we now find ourselves back in a period of stress and unrest with the need for a creative outlet feeling more important than ever. With this in mind, I once again have reverted back to my artistic comfort blanket – collage. This time around, rather than selling kits, I have put together a few pages that you can freely download and print out to use as materials – just add glue, scissors some bops & your imagination – in the hope that this activity will provide you with at least a little bit of the solace I find in it! Relax, enjoy and most importantly take care of yourself & those around you!

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