Style File: Old Navy or New

Navy, a colour that I have never quite known how to style. Does it work as a substitute for black, and can I wear it with black for that matter? Is it ok to wear it on the top and the bottom, and can it go with pattern? It’s always seemed a minefield of a colour to me and when I have been confident with most other colours, it has sat at arms length in a sort of no-man’s land – i.e. nowhere near my wardrobe.

I first began to consider that it might be a useful colour after hearing Brittany Bathgate talk about its depth in one of her vlogs. This wasn’t something that I’d considered before and she is right, it is far less of a flat colour than black and that in itself can add some interest. After some research, pinterest trawling and general musing over a couple of months, I decided that was time to give it a go and bought this navy jumper – originally from Topshop – from Depop.

This jumper opened my eyes to a whole new load of wardrobe possibilities, it really felt like a breath of fresh air and gave me so many more styling options. I can’t believe I was ever nervous of the colour. I guess that comes with not knowing how to handle it. I’m still not sure I 100% do, but I love the extra options it gives me and my navy purchasing has continued since with two items from Uniqlo – a puffer jacket and my favourite trousers featured here, which I also have in beige.

The Outfit | Shirt – Vintage | Jumper – Topshop from Depop | Trousers – Uniqlo | Shoes & Tote Bag – Muji

This outfit really perked up my day, you know when something just really clicks with you and you feel 100% you! It came to me after I’d been having a sort out. I have been actively trying to wear things together that I wouldn’t normally and this is one of the results. This is something I totally recommend doing if you are in a wardrobe rut and hey, just because we are trying to keep to ourselves a bit it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have a bit of fun with getting dressed – for ourselves.

What are your thoughts on navy? Are you a lover or a hater? Consider me converted!

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