Favourite Style Buys of 2019: Considered Shopping

It’s been a hot minute since I shared my January Haul and told you that I would be regularly updating you on what I was buying. Great success there Holly, well done. But, I as discussed in that post, I have been trying to buy not only more sustainably but in a more considered way, and that’s something that has been a success. Although good for both my bank and the planet that success means there has been a bit less for me to share with you and so instead of haul posts, which would look a bit more barren than we are used to, I thought I’d come on here today and share a few of my favourite purchases from the year so far.

These items are all things I really knew I wanted and in most cases waited for them to come around on second hand sites. They have all filled holes in my wardrobe and already been worn considerably. I definitely prefer this new, slower way of shopping I have adopted and here’s the outcome. How do you like to shop and have you changed any of your habits?

I purchased this ‘American Vintage’ coat on Depop (my new favourite ‘shop’ to frequent) and got it for an absolute steal – far less that 1/4 of its original £300.00 price tag. I have been after a teddy coat for a while now and with the freezing weather we were having I wanted one that was actually going to keep me warm, and not one that just looked cosy. When I saw this pricier one pop up on Depop I knew I had to go for it and I have been wearing it ever since. Super warm & super cosy!

Jumpsuits are super cool, and my wardrobe was definitely severely lacking the perfect one. However, I patiently waited to find the right one and didn’t just grab the first jumpsuit I saw – as I would have done in the past. Eventually I came across this bad boy and it was everything I had been waiting for. We have a winner!

Now here’s an item that was carefully considered. When Superga’s collaboration with AlexaChung came out I was as excited as anyone else, but having never owned any Superga trainers before, didn’t know what size to order. By the time I had pondered and sought out some non-collaboration ones to try on and check my size, the ‘Plain Jane’ style was sold out and I was pretty gutted. However, this did give me the time to review my ‘shoe collection’ and realise that I really did want those shoes as they could do the job of several other pairs I had perfectly.

I didn’t just want them for the collaboration, but they would be something I would genuinely get a lot of wear out of. I knew I had to find a pair. Over the next few months I waited patiently on Ebay, with my saved searches ready to pounce and eventually grasped a pair for myself. They haven’t been off my feet since!

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After seeing these jeans on Lizzy Hadfield and also seeing all of the great reviews, I knew they were the ones I needed to fit the hole in my wardrobe where a straight leg pair of jeans was missing. I nabbed these second-hand on Depop, but in great condition, for half their original price and it was an added bonus that they already had that ‘lived in’ comfy denim feel that your favourite jeans always have.

What have been your favourite purchases of the year so far and is there anything you regret buying? I for sure have a few of those, but they are getting less and less the more I learn to make considered decisions.

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