Downloadable Summer Phone Wallpapers

You may feel like it is too early for me to say this, but it really feels to me as though summer is coming to an end. We had our first chilly morning the other day and, although autumn hasn’t quite arrived yet, I am definitely in the mood to grab a cosy jumper and start making hot chocolates. With that said, I wanted to do one final summer post to keep the feeling alive through September and hopefully help any of your summer lovers out there keep enjoying your favourite season for a bit longer. It is time for a technology switch up, let’s bring on the summer backgrounds & keep those summer vibes flowing for a bit longer. Or even all through winter if you really can’t let it go!

1 | 2

“Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is about” – John Mayer

3 |

To get your very own free summer phone wallpapers all you need to do is click the number of your favourite background to download the equivalent wallpaper and then set it as your wallpaper as normal in your settings. It really is that simple, or if you are reading this on your mobile phone, just hold down on the wallpaper you want to save and select save. Again, easy peasy!

5 | 6

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” ― John Steinbeck

7 | 8

I hope you love these summer backgrounds as much as I do, I currently have #5 as my home screen wallpaper and #7 as my icon background. Which one is your favourite and are you sad to see summer start to end?


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