New Finds & Current Favourites #4

I’m back from my holibobs and have recently made some really great discoveries that I simply couldn’t wait any longer to share with you. I love putting together these ‘favourites’ posts and this time around I feel like we’ve gone for a bit of a different vibe – there is a lot for you to get watching in this post, including lots of homey content, and there’s also a bit of music mixed in for you. My personal favourites are #1, #6, and #9. What are yours?

1. The Independent recently released their 2018 ‘Happy List’ and it is such an uplifting read – finally some happy news! It is a huge list of 50 amazing human beings that make life better for others & is worth a read to restore any lost faith in humanity.

2. This Women Of The World Morning Routine, created by Youtuber RayaWasHere, is a beautiful compilation video of the routines of women all over the world with the message that in a time when everyone is focussing on our differences, there is more in common that unites us than divides.

3. Florence & The Machine’s cover of Elton’s ‘Tiny Dancer‘ on the incredible album, Revamp: The Songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin, is six minutes (and one second!) of absolute magic.


4. A Weathered Penny’s jewellery is perfection, my favourite pieces include the Gold Delicate Hand Necklace, the Face Ring and the Gold Wave Ring. I’d love all the bracelets too, but my wrists are normally just too small. Although it does say that they are adjustable so who knows!

5. Professional Organiser is a job, and to me a dream one at that, see one at work in Gabbie Hanna’s recent video! What an insight into a world of work that I didn’t even realise existed.

6. This vintage apartment, owned by the wonderful Emily Vallely, is SO stunning and if you are a lover of retro homewares this video is a MUST watch. I absolutely adore it, particularly her gorgeous gallery wall. Skip the video to four minutes in for the grand tour!


7. I feel like I would probably be lying to myself if I didn’t include the soundtrack to Mamma Mia 2 in this favourites post. I have been singing it non-stop and I don’t expect that to end anytime soon.

8. If someone could just gift me all of artist Dean Khalil’s prints, especially the sold out ones, then that’d really make my week! I adore portraiture and love the style of these paintings, they have such personality and movement.

9. Liv Purvis‘ is one of my favourite internet people & her inside the wardrobe videos are always an absolute treat. Her most recent upload with Brittany Bathgate is a look into perhaps the most heavenly wardrobe in the world, Brittany’s style is so curated and this video is a must watch for any lover of fashion.


10. Electric Confetti are some of the coolest kids on the Brighton block, creating custom neon lighting. Yes please, I’d quite like to see my name in lights!

What have you adored this month? I’d love for you to let me know, you can never make too many amazing new discoveries! Check out my previous favourites posts…

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Love Holly x

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