Holiday Diary: Summer in Stockholm

It’s time to talk travel again and this time it’s Stockholm’s turn to shine! It has been a few weeks now since we took a quick trip over to Sweden’s capital, a fascinating city made up of islands, and as my first trip to this wonderful country it definitely didn’t disappoint. From our gorgeous oasis of a hotel to the ABBA Museum, we had an amazing few days of exploring in the heat of Stockholm. Yes, you did read that right – it was HOT! They were having, as we are in Britain, an almost unheard of heatwave – I’m talking temperatures above 30 degrees celsius! With that said, we still managed to get to the heart of the city and I’m so excited to share with you everything I discovered in a diary style post.

Best Shops | Hilda Hilda | Swedish Hasbeens | ABBA Museum | Gudrun Sjoden | Acne Archive (We didn’t quite get here but it is supposed to be an amazing outlet store) | & loads more

Best Places to Eat | Torpedverkstan | Hotel Skeppsholmen | Moderna Museet (Modern Art Gallery)

Best Ways to Spend Your Time | Dance Through the ABBA Museum | Explore the Old Town | Grab a Boat out into the Sea | Visit a Museum – Vasa Museum, Moderna Museet (Art Gallery), Fotografiska & Skansen | Visit Tivoli Grona Lund Amusement Park for all the fun & thrills | Nobel Centre & Museum (yes, as in Nobel Prize!)

So, there we have it, another inspiring trip. I am so happy and grateful to be able to share my trip with you guys & let you in on my top Stockholm destinations! It is such a friendly, clean city with so much to offer and weather that even places like Italy would envy right now. Looking for other travel recommendations, why not check out my recent guide to Amsterdam? Another beautiful city on the water, isn’t there something magical about them!

Where’s next on your travel list?
Love Holly x


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