DIY ‘Just Hanging About’ Picture Frame

Have you ever found a greetings card that is so gorgeous that you just HAVE to buy it, even though you don’t know who you are going to send it to? Have you ever taken your shiny, new card home & then put it in a drawer because you can’t bear to send it to anyone? It’s time to hunt out those beautiful cards and grab an old frame that’s gathering dust in your attic or local charity shop because today we are going to get creative – it’s time to display your beautiful cards for all to see, and here’s how we’re going to do it…

Today we are going to be creating a hanging picture frame to house your neglected card stash. The first thing you need to do, as I just mentioned, is to grab an old picture frame. Above are a few pictures of the front and back of my chosen frame before the DIY. This just shows you that you really don’t need a perfect picture frame to get creative today. I’m sure you will all have loads of glassless frames, if you are anything like me, kicking around just waiting to be given a new lease of life. Well, today is your lucky day. It’s time for a revamp, The Art of Being Holly style!

What you will need | An Old Picture Frame | A Card | Thread | Tape | Acrylic Paint (in your choice of colour) | Paintbrush

Once you’ve found a frame, the next step is to decide what colour you would like to paint your picture frame. I went for white as my colour because I love the clean, fresh feel it can give to old pieces. If you aren’t sure what colour you’d like to paint your frame, then take a look at the card you want to display in it at the end. By looking at the card you can see what colours might work best with the design, or simply choose one of the colours in the design to be your paint colour. For example, I could have gone with pink, white or black, or I could have gone with a complementary soft orange, brown or even light blue – as long as you aren’t clashing you can go for just about anything!
Now, take your chosen paint colour and get on with painting your frame. I recommend using a big brush for this to cover the area quickly. There really is nothing to be careful about with this paint job – just slap it on! I used quite cheap paint and so had t do quite a few layers, but you can just do as many ¬†as you need until you achieve the look you are after. Remember to get your paint right into all the cracks of you old frame and also to paint the inner and outer edges, though you don’t need to bother with the back unless you really want to.
Once your paint is dry, turn over your frame so that you can get to work on the back of the frame. Here’s where the magic happens! The first thing to do is to remove any old strings, picture wires or previous fixings from the back of the frame. When, and only when, you have done this it is time to hang your card.
Now, still on the back of your frame, take your chosen thread and tape the loose end of it to the top left hand corner of the frame. When doing this make sure that your thread ends up sitting where the frame turns the corner, see above for a helping hand. The key here is not to cut your thread until you have positioned the right hand side, this will help you to choose the height at which your card sits in the frame. So, unravel your thread and hook your card over it like you are hanging your washing! Now, with the card suspended, position your thread in the top right hand corner of your frame and pull tighter or looser to determine the height of your card. When you are happy with your positioning cut your thread and tape it to the tip right hand corner of the frame.
And there you have it, your very own suspended artwork picture frame! Now, all that is left to do is for you to decide where to house your masterpiece for maximum crafting compliments. And remember, if you ever get bored of the artwork all you need to do is replace it with a different card. Whoopee! I
Want to try this DIY with a portrait card or postcard? Never fear, all you need to do is follow the same method but instead of hooking your card over the line, grab yourself a bag of mini pegs & get pegging – two should do!
How do you like to display your favourite artwork and designs?
Love Holly x


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