New Finds & Current Favourites

I am constantly on the look out for new shops, cool inspiration and fun ideas, and recently I seem to have come across a lot of really great things. The feeling of discovering a cool brand, or rediscovering an old idea or place that you used to love is such a great one and I thought what better to do today than to share my new (and old) discoveries so that you can enjoy them too. Let’s share the love and I hope that through this post today you will discover some new favourites of your own! So, without further ado, here are ten of my latest finds and favourites.
1. Somewhere I long to visit one day is one of the The Museums of Ice Cream in America. They look like such fun places – I mean they have swimming pools full of sprinkles and rooms full of suspended bananas. On top of that they obviously have incredible ice cream too. Love it!
2. Last month’s Collage Kit from one of my favourite websites, Rookie, was a goodun’. I love making collages & every month their kits are full of awesome imagery just waiting to be made into a new piece of art. Not sure how to collage? Don’t worry, read my “how to”post & you will soon be a master.
3. These gorgeously intricate dresses from Needle & Thread, make me weak at the knees. One day I will own one & swoosh around like a real life princess, and quite frankly I can’t wait.
4. Choose Love is an amazing charity concept. Go shopping here to buy all of the essentials that refugees need and they will send them over to them. Real shopping, for real people in need.
5. What Olivia Did is my current FAV blog, her style is on point and if you aren’t already reading her blog then you are seriously missing out! Get yourself over there!
6.  Looking for beautifully curated collection of goods from the best independent shops all in one place?  Trouva is the place to be and let’s just say I have a rather long wish-list from here, and soon so will you.
7. I am so happy it is December because Vlogmas has begun on Youtube & I am loving it. My current favourites to watch are MoreZoella and KateLaVie (her apartment is gorgeous!). For anyone who is unsure, Vlogmas is when vloggers vlog (video blog) every day of December & it is SO festive!

8. The Harry Styles Merchandise shop is full of such COOL stuff and I love that so much of it has the motto ‘treat people with kindness’ – what a great message to share.

9. Glitter Guide‘s tour of Gray Benko’s stunning home. Such an inspiring place & I home my home will one day be filled with as much art as this one, her portrait wall is so beautiful.
10. The Book of Everyone is the ultimate personal present, all you have to do is input the recipient’s date of birth, name & gender and it creates a 50 page book all about them. I was sceptical, but I was wrong and I have already bought a few of these to gift this year.
Obviously there are so many more amazing things to discover and as I uncover new and exciting ideas and sites I will continue to share them with you. If you have found any cool independent shops or inspiring ideas recently please let me know in the comments and we can all share even more inspiration! On another note it is snowing here in England today and I am loving it, everything looks so pretty and festive. Expect some snowy pictures to be coming your way soon. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Is the weather feeling festive where you are?
Love Holly x

(photo credits to: Museum of Ice Cream, Harry Styles ShopRookie Magazine and The Glitter Guide)

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