Printable Present Buying Planner

Are you worried about how you are going to keep track of all of the different presents that you are gifting to family and friends this year? In the past I have really struggled with Christmas present organisation, there is just so much to think about and before you know it you are panic buying boxes of cheap chocolates for the people that you have ‘forgotten’. Arghh, I hate it! This year I decided that enough was enough with the Christmas present stressing & that I was going to create a little planner to help me keep track of everything. I love to be organised and so the idea of having a planner that I can use to jot down all my ideas and budgets makes my heart sing with joy. Today I am going to be sharing my planner as a free, printable download so now you can use it to keep track of all of your ideas and purchases too! Yay, for this year’s Christmas being the most organised Christmas ever!

So, what does this planner entail? Pages of complex sheets to fill out about your deepest present inspirations? Um… no! It is all about keeping it simple and saving you time when it comes to thinking about what you will be gifting this year. Today I am going to give you a ┬árun down of why I have included each column of the planner and then let you get on with printing this for free and doing some seriously organised Christmas shopping, wrapping & gifting. (If you are still struggling to know what to buy, check out last week’s post where I shared all my gifting top tips)

Let’s break it down, there are two parts to this planner. The first is a page for you to simply go wild writing down all of your ideas. I won’t go into detail on this because it is pretty self explanatory, but one thing I would say is that if you have an idea, even if you don’t know who it is for yet, just write it down! There is nothing more annoying than thinking up an awesome present idea and realising it will be perfect for someone only to forget what the idea was in the first place. Use the Ideas page to brain dump all of your ideas and I promise you won’t be sorry. The second, and in my opinion most useful, part of this mini-planner is a table where you can write down all the basics of your plan for Christmas gifting, who you need to buy for, how much you are going to spend etc.,you know the sort of thing.

The simple table consists of … columns for all of your organisational needs. All you need to do initially is fill out who your present is for, what your budget is and what you think you want to buy them. Then next time you go shopping take your table with you and you have a ready made Christmas shopping list! Once you return from your shopping trip with your bags full of awesome presents write into your planner what you actually bought for each person. This may seem pointless, but when you don’t have a lone hot-chocolate gift set floating around a few days before Christmas & you can’t remember who it is for, you will thank me.

Not only is it useful to know what you bought everyone so you can make sure that you wrap the right things, but it will also allows you to get ahead on your wrapping without worrying that you are going to forget what you even bought your great-auntie. I don’t know about you but for me there is nothing worse than giving someone a present & not even knowing what it is yourself. Now all that is left to do is tick when you have wrapped your lovely presents, and do a final tick of relief when you have sent them off, or given them over to your loved ones. 100% organisational satisfaction is (nearly) guaranteed.

Download your free, printable planner here.

I hope this planner is super useful for you all, I know that if you are anything like me and love a to-do list, then it definitely will be. Can you tell I’m a sucker for organisation? Let’s just say this is my Christmas gift to you all and I hope you love it.

Love Holly x


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