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I recently downloaded Spotify, I know I am a bit behind the times, and have been loving it. Over the next few months I will be shuffling my Spotify and sharing the songs that play with you. Each time I will share 5 songs that come up and why I like them. I love music posts on other people’s blogs because I am constantly looking for new people to listen to. I hope that you enjoy this new set of posts, so here goes the first shuffle…

1. Torn – Natalie Imbruglia 
This song is quite old but I remember listening to it so much when I was younger. It really takes me back and I seem to still know all the words, oops! Natalie has a lovely voice, great for easy listening, and if you like this I would recommend that you listen to her song, ‘Shiver’, another favourite of mine.
2. Interlude: Holiday – Paramore
On their most recent album three of Paramore’s songs were Interludes, they were all acoustic and played on the ukulele. I play the ukulele and love Paramore so loved this little addition to their album, which was amazing anyway. They are so cute and I love to listen to them in succession, as they are only short.
3. 20/20 – The Vaccines 
The Vaccines bring out one amazing album after another and ’20/20′ is from their most recent one, English Graffiti. This is such a catchy song, on an incredible album, and not one to be missed. The Vaccines are just as incredible live, as they are on CD. You can read my review of The Vaccines concert that I went to a few months ago here.
4. Let’s Make This Precious – Dexy’s Midnight Runners 
I discovered Dexy’s by watching ‘The Perks of Being A Wallflower’, since then they have been one of my favourite bands and that has been one of my favourite films. I have been collecting Dexy’s records for a while now and only discovered this song recently when I realised I hadn’t listened to one of my records, this song blasted out and I have loved it ever since.
5. Turning Tables – Adele 
Just like everyone, well everyone I have ever met, I love Adele. All of her songs are beautiful and this one is no different, I don’t really know what else to say. I can’t explain how much I would love to see Adele in concert and hope one day to get a chance.
Love Holly x


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