Edinburgh Conscious Haul & Vlog

Edinburgh has to be one of my favourite places to shop, wandering up and down the cobbled streets and surrounded by history – it really is a one of a kind experience. I recently took a solo-trip for a couple of days to this great city to re-charge and it was BLISS! This visit was packed full of exploring and this particularly took in the one-of-a-kind independent shops that seem to grace every street corner in Edinburgh.

I have recently been working on becoming more conscious with the purchases I make. To almost go through a reverse Marie Kondo process – and ask myself when I consider something, does it ‘spark joy’. Using this for purchases, instead of decluttering. Also, extending this thought beyond that moment, and asking myself will I really and truly retain that feeling for the whole time I own the item.

I find the answer to does it spark joy to be ‘YES’ far more in independent shops than anywhere else, there is personality and soul to the curated collections and beautiful interiors that give the items a real story and make them part of something. It is easier to shop consciously when the shop you have entered has been created consciously, rather than just a series of products on a conveyor belt. These shops have soul and I just love it. 

Today I thought I’d give you a run down of my considered purchases and the lovely shops that sold them to me, in a hope to not only show the true awesome nature of Edinburgh’s indie shopping scene, but also to encourage you to try shopping small. Small businesses who are creating amazing products need our support more than ever, and if the choice is possible (and I totally acknowledge that there is not a choice for everyone) – then let’s choose to shop small.

What Did I Buy:

Lifestory – Candlestick Holder, Bottle Opener 

Curiouser & Curiouser – Cabin Porn Book, Totoro Pen

Scottish National Modern Art Gallery – Artist Card 

Eden – Moomin Card

Tiles – Caoba (Stockbridge)

Pegs and Clips – The Write Stuff (Stockbridge)

One of the main drivers behind many of my purchases over the past few years has been, admittedly perhaps subconciously, follow the classic saying  

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to beautiful.”

I am gathering all the normal things that I will need for when I am able to have my own home.  For example utensils, decorative items, furniture and so much more – but choosing and having the option to gather them more organically. As I see something that is just right, a beautifully designed version of what I need, let’s take the bottle opener for example – then I add it to my basket. This is all being stored away, so when I have my own home, rather than rushing to buy all the things I need and buying unsustainably, buying things I don’t love – I will simple be able to unpack a box of special and practical things. I am lucky to have the means and time to prepare and look forward so much to unpacking everything in my (currently imaginary) future home. 

It is worth noting this method has also allowed me to spread the cost of these additions and this means that my costs when I move will be reduced. Of course there are still so many things that will need to be gathered nearer the time, but I truly feel I have made an organic start to getting everything I will need. 

Are you a buy when you see or wait until you need kind of person? I’d also absolutely love to know if I missed any amazing independent shops on my trip to Edinburgh – do let me know so I can visit them next time and other people can enjoy them on their visits too. Let’s share those special places!

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