26 Small Businesses to Buy Gifts from this Christmas (and all year round!)

Christmas, the time for giving … great personal gifts from wonderful small businesses and creatives who pour their heart and soul into their work. Yeah, I thought so! You will know by now, if you’ve been around here for a while, that I looove small businesses and how special their products are, crafted with real care and love. Over the years I have come across, and shared, many fantastic wee ventures but something else I’ve been doing for a while now (when I remember!!) is stashing the business cards of these wonderful brands. The intention behind this? I’m creating a little catalogue of great places to support and buy presents from, be that for a birthday or in the festive season and today, you guessed it – I’m sharing it with you for the ultimate festive gift inspiration. Ahh I just love them all so much, have fun!

“Shop small, shop handmade”
  1. Abigail Borg – Floral designed textiles
  2. Amy Lesko – Personalised portraits and illustration
  3. Blousey Vintage – Vintage blouses
  4. Pico – Organic essential clothing
  5. Atelier Auge – Botanical art prints
  6. Helena Megson Designs – Prints inspired by art, fashion and nature
  7. El Riordan – Nature inspired prints and homeware
  8. The Smallish House – Printed homewares and accessories
  9. Hollie Fuller – Illustrated prints & gifts
  10. Kip Candle Co. – Seasonal soy wax candles
  11. Love Kiki Designs – Handmade clay jewellery
  12. Studio LP Ceramics – Handmade ceramics
  13. Keeley Traae – 3D Printed Vases & Objects
  14. Nicole Perry – Illustration and ceramics
  15. Soft Season – Recycled, hand-carved jewellery
  1. Flood Clothing Co. – Screen printed clothing and prints
  2. Clare Buchanan Textiles – Hand woven textiles
  3. A Little Vintage Doll – Thread drawn textiles and custom made dolls
  4. By Bella Designs – Art prints, cards and bags
  5. B18 Leather – Handcrafted leather goods and bags
  6. Malcolm Morris Jewellery – Jewellery
  7. Lauren Morsley – Art & illustration
  8. Nomi Makes – Statement jewellery 
  9. Connie’s World РEmbroidered garments
  10. Printer Johnson – Illustrated goods
  11. Cherie Did This – Graphic art

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