A Day at the Goodwood Revival

This year, for the first time, I joined my Dad and brother to attend the Goodwood Revival. The Revival is a yearly event that takes place at Goodwood Race Track and transports visitors and racers back to the heyday of British racing, with every detail of the day meticulously planned and portrayed as racing would have been. Self described as ‘a celebration of bygone days’, this captures the essence of the Goodwood Revival perfectly and after the last few years, a day out here was the perfect tonic and felt like the ultimate day of fun. From everyone attending and driving being dressed in vintage fashion (I know, I was in heaven) to proper, action packed racing of the most classic and wonderful cars – this really is a day to remember.

I took many photos of the day, desperately attempting to bottle up the atmosphere and all encompassing experience, and today I thought I’d share a few of my snaps with you. As previously mentioned, one of my favourite things about the day was the outfits of, well, pretty much everyone! When I was told people dressed up, I expected gimmicky and I couldn’t have been more wrong – everyone gets involved, and everyone goes all out. I hope we can make it next year, as whilst I dressed up, I’m now full of inspiration and can’t wait to be part of this fun. Which is your favourite outfit from these snaps?

“Give me Goodwood on a summer’s day and you can forget the rest of the world”

Roy Salvadori

Have you ever been to the Goodwood Revival or any other events like it? As you can probably tell, I really enjoyed my day and would go back in a heartbeat to this historic racetrack. Top tip: We visited on the Friday and that was great because we saw the practice races for both Saturday and Sunday, so saw all the cars. And I was mistaken when I thought practice meant go easy, these race were spectacular … and bloody noisy!

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