All the Best Things About Autumn

Autumn is my favourite season and not just because it is my birthday (whoopee!)! The first official day of Autumn passed a few weeks ago now but I can’t help but celebrate it, even whilst it is happening. The perfect crisp season, with the best clothes, colours and crisp mornings. Love it! And in fact I love it so much that I’ve made a list of all my favourite seasonal things. Let me know if I’ve missed any good ones!

  • All the colourful leaves – nature is *good* this time of year!
  • Strictly Come Dancing and Bake-Off return to our screens – it is the season of perfect TV.
  • Crisp, sunny mornings
  • … and cosy evenings in!
  • Jumpers, jumpers and more jumpers.
  • … oh and layering! This is my favourite time of year for fashion.
  • Halloween, decorating and crafting
  • Our pumpkin (pictured here!) ripening
  • …. carving the pumpkin and hearing the school children admiring it on their way up the hill.
  • Is it too early to mention Christmas??
  • Cosy, rainy days, made explicitly for watching Harry Potter on repeat.
  • Gingerbread and pumpkin flavoured hot chocolates, nom nom nom.
  • Bonfire night and all the sparkles.
  • Running from the rain and splashing in puddles.
  • And so much more!

Which season is your favourite? I also really love Spring, maybe it is something about a season of change that just makes them that extra special.

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