Letting My Friends Pick My Outfits | Part 3 | With a Twist

When I shared my last ‘Letting My Friends Pick My Outfits‘ post, more of my friends wanted to give it a go too! However, as they didn’t fancy delving into my closet, we came up with a whole new twist on the challenge – I asked them to each come up with a theme and then I think my words were ‘it can be as crazy as you like’. They didn’t disappoint! I had so much fun putting these outfits together and decided that no outfit of this sort is complete without the proper setting, so have collaged them into scenes worthy of the four looks. Which is your favourite?

1970s Sci-Fi

Georgian Elegance

Vivienne Westwood Punk

1967 Love & Peace

I really enjoyed putting this post together, it was great to have a new creative challenge. A big thank you to Tim, Michael, Paul and Pete for their theme prompts – maybe you’ve all learnt a bit about them today too? Would you like to see more of these posts? I will be doing a behind-the-scenes for the creation of these outfits and collages soon so watch out for that!

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