9 Outfit Combinations That Win Every Time

Now, more than ever, with staying at home all the time, it is easy not to put an effort into getting ready. Each day I weigh up the options – loungewear or proper clothes – and despite having always been a firm believer in getting ready properly each day, particularly on work days, even I am finding myself slipping into choosing the cosiest option. Now, that in itself is not a problem, there is no shunning of snuggly clothes happening here. For me, however, what is a problem is the mindset not getting properly dressed leaves me in. I love clothes and wearing things that make me feel good, and even if I love my cosies, they never quite put me in the same ‘you can do this’ mood.

I decided that enough was enough and that I wanted to get back into dressing for myself and feeling good because of it. Today, as much for you as for me, I have put together some less conventional clothing combinations and had a good rifle through my wardrobe in a bid to get inspired. And you know what? These combinations are really helping me in my predicament. I have been choosing a combination each day, kind of like wardrobe roulette, and really enjoying not only putting the outfits together, but wearing them and feeling darn good about them and myself!

So, I give you wardrobe roulette – I definitely need to work on the title – but I’m hoping that the idea of finding some fresh combinations can help any of you who have also been feeling a bit uninspired of late. And here they are!

Velvet & Knitwear | Waffle on Waffle

Tonal Patterns | Pastel & Denim

Luxury Shine | Pink & Navy

Clashing Prints | Suits with Graphic Tee | Mixed Denims

What’s your favourite combination? I think mine are the Clashing Prints, Velvet & Knitwear and Pink & Navy! It’s always fun to try out new textures and colours together, I highly recommend having a play around in your wardrobe if you are feeling in a bit of style rut!

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