DIY: Emergency Lockdown Chocolate

Anyone else missing their friends like crazy? I think it is almost guaranteed that most of us are feeling like that and my favourite way to combat this is to bombard my friends with little notes and gifts to keep them smiling (and stop them forgetting me!). We are all a bit Zoom fatigued by now and we’ve texted endlessly, so for that moment when you want to let your friend know you’re thinking of them in a different way, why not try making something a bit more personal and sending them a surprise! Today’s post is the perfect present to bring your friends out of their lockdown blues, I mean who doesn’t love chocolate, and on the plus side for you it is super easy for you to put together too! Let’s get on with it then…

What You Need | A Bar of Chocolate | Any Piece of Paper, Tissue, Newspaper | Paint Pens, Paint or Felt Tips

  • Take your chocolate bar and wrap it in your selected paper. A medium bar will fit in an A4 piece of paper, or you can use tissue, wrapping paper or newspaper. It really it up to you and what you have available!
  • Now it is time to prettify it! I used my Posca paint pens to personalise my chocolate – writing my lovely friend’s name and ‘Emergency Lockdown Chocolate’, on the back I wrote ‘Break open in case of revision crisis, lockdown anxiety or … hunger!’ and this message can be personalised to suit your friend too! Do they struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Are they finding this lockdown really boring? Make it specific to them.
  • All that’s left to do is pop it in the post and hope they love it! I wrapped mine in some recycled bubblewrap to protect it, and popped it in the postbox, buying my postage online through Click & Drop – no need to go into the Post Office, so this is a great non-contact present!

What are you doing to keep your friend’s spirits up? Every little helps and I’d love to know your ideas.

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