Letting My Friends Pick My Outfits | Part II

It’s back! Time for round two of letting my friends delve into my closet over Facetime! If you saw my last post, you will be familiar with what’s going on, but for any of you who have just joined us this is the second in a series of posts in homage to the much created youtube videos. To create each outfit my friends were given free virtual reign of my wardrobe, choosing everything from clothes and accessories to shoes and bags… should they so wish. It has been so much fun creating these posts and what I have loved so much about them is the amazing difference in all the outfits and how everyone’s personal style has been slightly reflected in their outfit choices.

It was a bit of post Christmas fun for us all as we headed into lockdown and honestly, has given me a fresh way of looking at the contents of my wardrobe! A win-win all around I’d say. If you’re looking for a fun zoom activity to do with your friends, as you’ve exhausted all the quiz questions there are, this could be just the ticket, but for now let’s see what Josie & Tabitha picked out!

Josie’s Outfit
Dress – Old Zara with Added Netting, Beret – Vintage, Clips – Amazon, Shoes – Old Primark, Socks & Pearls – Accessorize, Bag – Vintage

Inspired by Fruit’s Magazine Josie has put together the ultimate Japanese teen look, who knew I had that in my wardrobe! I actually wore these shoes and this dress to our end of school Leaver’s Ball, so I was already a fan when Josie started putting it toegther. One of the things I love so much about this outfit is that she really went for the little details with accessories galore, something I would never normally think to do! I think my favourite features have to be the beret held on with clips, or perhaps the ‘socks and sandals’ vibe we’ve got going on! Either way this is the cutest outfit of them all!

Tabitha & Nana’s Outfit
Trousers – H&M (Charity Shop), Belt – Vintage (Charity Shop), Top – Old Primark, Bag – Adrienne Vittandini, Coat – Noisy May (TKMaxx), Headband – Charity Shop, Boots – Old Primark

This next outfit is definitely the most put together/ grown up outfit of them all! Tabitha and her lovely Nana gave themselves the brief of going out to dinner and I think they absolutely nailed it! I adore the monochrome dotted and starry patterns with the beige and the little bag combined with this super long trench finish the outfit off perfectly. So chic! I do have to apologise to them as I promised I would curl my hair but was running out of light to shoot the images so had to give that one a miss – but imagine, it’s a yes from me!

Thank you to all my lovely friends for the outfit inspiration, helping me find new combinations and mostly for all the chatter and lockdown fun we had putting these posts together. If you missed part one you can catch up here.

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