5 Easy Ways To Style A Tank Top

Tank tops are back, no you haven’t been transported back to the 70s, this is 2021 and they’ve officially arrived! Left right and centre companies are releasing new tank tops as the ultimate layering piece that transitions perfectly from Winter to Spring and makes a fun addition to any outfit. I have long been a fan of this item of clothing and am already a proud owner of a crazy Kina & Tam knitted vest that my family refuse to been seen in public with me wearing! So for their sake, or at least I used that as an excuse, I decided to scour Depop for a slightly less offensive tank to add a bit of fun back into my wardrobe – something I think we all need right now!

As something that hasn’t really been in fashion too much in my adult life, tank tops (knitted or not) are something that I’ve really had to experiment with styling. In the end, I have been helped by going for a block colour tank with a bit of texture that really blends well with the rest of my wardrobe, so if you’re starting into the world of tanks I’d suggest going for something more plain first and working up. You know capsule wardrobe style! Today I’m sharing 5 ways I’ve been styling my new pink wonder and I hope it provides you with a bit of fun inspiration for your tank top journey on this sunny Saturday…

Breton is Back

An easy win with any tank top is to pop underneath that wardrobe staple – the little striped top. It instantly adds a feeling of fun and can be styled with anything from jeans to smart black trousers. I added my fluffy bucket hat to tie the elements together – black from the breton and all the floof from the tank top – and we’re good to go!

All Tied Up

Now, I’ve been trying to buy clothes that will go across the seasons and to be honest, was beginning to wonder if I’d broken my rule a bit with this one! Never fear though, as well as layering underneath the tank, it can also be worn on its own – voila, the cutest vest top! Pop on a shirt over the top to keep off the breeze, grab your camera and you can pretend you’re on holiday – I’d recommend trying it as that’s all we can do at the moment and we’ve got to take the little wins… where are my sunnies?

Plain White Tee

Sometimes it is best to just keep it simple and I love how any tank top looks with just a plain white tee and jeans. Jazz it up with some accessories or your favourite bag – my choice was this oversized blue velvet headband because who doesn’t love the combination of pink and blue!

All the Textures

One of the main reasons I had to have this pink beauty was the lovely fluffy texture, and it is such a nice thing to mix up textures in an outfit – definitely something I don’t do enough! I love velvet for adding texture and this beauty is the ultimate velvet top, paired with the tank top and a mohair beret and I’m good to go (+ bottoms of course!!)

Go Big or Go Home

Victorian tennis chic anyone? You will all know by now that I am absolutely obsessed with this oversized collar shirt I bought on Depop last year. It is my favourite piece to layer on top of jumpers, cardigans and t-shirts, so I just knew I’d love it with this tank. Very cute, especially when you add a little knitted cap too! I think this might be my favourite!

What do you reckon to the tank top trend, are you in or are you out? I love the fun of it and hope it sticks around for at least a few years if not more! I have a feeling I’m going to be getting a lot of wear out of this little fluffy number this spring!

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