Raspberry, Banana & Creme Fraiche Celebration Pancakes

My go-to breakfast for a special occasion, or just for the sheer joy, is always pancakes. The thick, fluffy American kind are my absolute favourite and over the years I have tried many a recipe to find the ultimate one because when American pancakes go wrong, they really go wrong. Luckily this adaptation from a gluten-free recipe is finally one that has decided to always go so right and is a winner in my household. A few weeks ago, we had a bit of spare creme fraiche and rather than reaching for my normal bacon and maple syrup topping combo, I decided to try something new (and altogether more healthy), with fabulous results. So here we have it, the ultimate in celebration pancakes…

For the pancakes:

150g self raising flour, 1 tbsp caster sugar, 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda, 1 banana, 1 egg, a pinch of salt, 175ml oat/normal milk, oil or butter to cook in

This recipe is a slight adaptation on Al’s Ace Gluten Free Pancake recipe by Tesco, which you can find here.

For the topping;

A handful of raspberries, two dollops of creme fraiche, a drizzle of honey, a square of white or ruby chocolate


Enjoy! I think I need to go and whip up a batch ready for the best type of Sunday brunch. What’s your go-to breakfast for special days?

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