Sustainable Underwear Discovery: Stripe & Stare

Trying to be sustainable and thoughtful is increasingly at the forefront of my mind when I’m shopping. It is more important than ever to make good choices, but sometimes this is difficult and that’s ok. When it comes to underwear shopping, I know it isn’t something that I can really buy vintage and definitely don’t want to buy second hand – normally my two go-to ways of shopping in a more planet friendly. A sustainable brand therefore seems the only way forwards, however buying new sustainable items isn’t cheap (for a reason) and so the quest began to find a brand that balances prices and morals in the right way. In steps, Stripe and Stare!

In one of my sessions trawling the internet for underwear (we’ve all done it!) I came across this article in the Evening Standard sharing some awesome must have sustainable lingerie brands. I assumed that, like many other articles I had read, all the brands would be out of my price bracket, but when Stripe & Stare‘s bracket was pitched from £15-65, I knew I needed to check them out.

So, what makes Stripe & Stare so great?
  • The underwear and loungewear is made from sustainably sourced TENCELâ„¢ Micro Modal, which is made sustainably from Beechwood Tree pulp. It is also great because its processes use an unbelievable 95% less water than the production of cotton.
  • Their packaging is 100% biodegradable, literally everything down to the stickers! You can also choose to go packaging free at the checkout, which means the only packaging your order arrives in is the envelope and a single plant based bio-bag!
  • Partnership with Ecologi means that for every order placed with Stripe and Stare they plant a mangrove tree in Madagascar, where over 90% of their original forests have been destroyed.
  • This partnership also means that Stripe and Stare are now a Climate Positive Workforce, so their carbon footprint is more than compensated for by their extra work.
  • No VPL promise, the way these pants are made there is no VPL in sight!
  • And get this, the actual products themselves are biodegradable – you can literally just compost them when you’re done!
So, on paper it all looks pretty good, but what do I reckon?

I have been so impressed with the underwear so far. First impressions were that they are incredibly soft, like beyond belief honestly! They are true to size, stay exactly where they are supposed to and the embroidery is so beautiful. They are so comfortable to wear and too right that there definitely isn’t a pant line – whoopee to that! They have washed so well and feel no different to when I first bought them, even after a couple of washes. I am washing them in a net bag to keep them extra lovely, because we all need to look after our clothes a bit more. Overall, I would 100% recommend these to anyone whether they are looking for sustainable underwear or not -they win on comfort and fun design alone.

I bought the Nude Sand Knicker and the Heart Eye Knicker, which is no longer available but here’s an alternative. What would you choose?

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