Introducing Chumship | My New Online Shop

Chumship is here and I am so excited to share it with you. After months of planning, that began way back in 2019, I have finally launched my lil’ shop and I can’t wait to tell you all about it in today’s blog post. Starting a creative something-something like this has been on my mind for a few years now. I love visiting indie brand and makers shops, particularly online and wanted to create a space where vintage and makers could come together under ‘one roof’ as a community of fun products! In the end I decided that is exactly what I would do, let’s check out the results!

What is Chumship?

Simply put, Chumship is a curated online platform of lifestyle products sourced from artists, independent brands and the past. 

It is home to all the bold colours, an illustrative style and an online community of like-minded creatives who have a passion for indie and vintage . Chumship is made up of a collection of products that I have bought together from some of my favourite makers and brands, with one-off vintage finds also joining the mix. The vibe is fun, the products are lovingly made and the brand is born from passions.

The shop is based on three of my biggest passions…
  • Supporting Small Businesses – they’re just the best, the personal touches, the love of the maker and helping people to make careers out of their biggest passions. Plus, the products are pretty damn good too, none of this mass produced stuff, these products are the most special!
  • Shopping Sustainably & Consciously through supporting the vintage and secondhand markets to grow and become a more popular way to purchase. There’s some lovely ‘stuff’ out there just waiting for a new home, we’ll bring it to you!
  • Creative Communities – creating a space where seller, makers and buyers can grow and come together creatively to collaborate and support each other!
Whose products am I selling and what are they?

The products in the shop come under four main categories, and these were chosen to best represent the sort of products I like to buy from makers and when I’m hunting for vintage. Stationary, Homeware, Vintage and Accessories. All the products are unisex and everything is under £25.00, with the majority of the products being priced under £5.00. Can you even buy a fancy coffee and a cake for that? I think not, these products are wonderfully made and wonderfully priced to give you the pieces of your dreams!

You can find more information about the Makers that I am stocking in the shop on the dedicated page on Chumship, but here’s a quick rundown of who they are:

Visit the Shop

So there you have it, a quick introduction to a shop that’s been cooking for a wee while and is finally ready for the world. Thank you, as always, for your endless support. I am so excited to be starting this new venture and I hope you will join us as a chum of Chumship. You can visit the shop above, or follow it on Instagram here – @chumshipshop

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