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One Cardigan, Five Ways

The cardigan, an item of clothing that unintentionally leads perfectly on from the grandad socks and sandals theme of last week. I am in fact simply trying to make the ‘grandad look’ cool again (if it was ever uncool?), am I succeeding? Success or not, today I thought I’d share with you some different ways to style the humble cardigan. They are so underrated as a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn all year round and now I’ve found one I love I feel like it is the beginning of a new obsession. Be it for a fancy night in, or a warm summers day in the garden (there aren’t many other options right now!) the cardigan has something to bring to every wardrobe – let’s see what it can do!

1. Bring on the Blazer

A blazer with most things can create a put together look, but I particularly love the idea of it layer with a lone cardigan. It is a bit like the waistcoat of a three piece suit in look, with a casual, cosy edge. Wear it done up or undone with a t-shirt for a more layered final look. This could be particularly funky with a brightly coloured cardigan, watch this space!

2. Take it Back

That’s right, it’s time to wear your cardigan backwards! This is one of my favourite cardigan hacks and one I simply don’t do enough. It is easy and looks a lot less like you just can’t dress yourself than you might think. It will create a gorgeous high neck at the front, which I suggest pairing with a necklace over the top to add to the intentional look; and (depending on the shape of your cardigan, a gorgeous low back. My favourite cardigans to do this with are V-necks, but it works with most other types too.

Worried about how to button it up? Put it on as normal with the buttons to the front, but don’t put your arms into the arm holes. Button up the cardigan and then simply spin it round whilst you still have it on and then pop your arms in. Simples.

3. All Alone

Now here’s a more recent trend, wearing a cardigan with nothing underneath. It instantly removes the worry that you might look like a frumpy grandmother (although this sometimes is the look we go for over here!) and weirdly, despite the fact you are wearing less clothes, looks more put together and chic. It’s a mystery to me, but I love the casual vibe of it and this is certainly a look that is here to stay in my wardrobe.

4. Wrap it Up

Here we take not from ballerinas across the globe, but there’s no need to go out and buy a new wrap cardigan, you can easily the ones you’ve got. Grab your nearest scarf, bit of material or belt, pull all the cardigan fabric to the front and then cross it over, securing it with your chosen item. This is such a cute look with a dress or more casual with some jeans and a thin roll neck top. Note to self: black on black is difficult to photograph.

5. Shirt On & No-where to Go

To make this look more effortless looking, leave the shirt unbuttoned apart from one at the top. This will give you a big collar effect and allow the bottom of the shirt to hang in a more relaxed way out of the bottom of the cardigan, rather than sticking out at funny angles.

Quite a preppy look, I love the versatility of it. I could be going anywhere (if we could go anywhere) from the supermarket to a brunch, from a meeting to running errands around town – or maybe just relaxing around the house. I need to remember this look, she’s a good’un.

What’s your opinion of the cardigan? Will you be giving any of these looks a go?

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