4 Must-Have Visually Inspiring Books for Creative Gazers

Books are an integral source of information & inspiration in my life, even with the internet, there is something wonderful about finding that fact you need or picture that energises you to keep creating inside a book. Today I have put together a collection of books, old & new, that I find myself going back to again and again for inspiration. They are visual bibles of creativity, showing the processes of some of my favourite people and I just know you are going to love them as much as I do.

Wonderful Things – Tim Walker

It seems like a century ago when we could just meander around cities exploring exhibitions and shops at our leisure. I picked up this book on one of those trips that I now dream of, when I visited the V&A with my auntie & grandfather. The exhibition was that of the same name of the book, a Tim Walker exhibition and came with all the wonder that this fantasy fashion photographer creates. When an exhibition captures your imagination, surely it is almost criminal to not buy the book afterwards to hold onto the inspiration? The fact it had a beautiful pink cover might have swayed me also…

Useless Magic (Lyrics & Poetry) – Florence Welch

A testament to a long and inspired career, Florence and The Machine’s book is a collection of lyrics, poetry, art and all the scribblings that make it happen. Visually, this book gives you an insight into the creative mind of a fantastic lyricist. I love how she shares her influences to aid the understanding her music on a deeper level. A must have for any writer or artist.

Greco Disco: The Art and Design of Luke Edward Hall

The most recent addition to my collection of inspiring books is an insight into the head of one of my absolute favourite designers, Luke Edward Hall. Studying interiors, I have found using bold colours to be something that interests me far more than I expected and this book certainly has them in abundance – not a drab page in sight. From art and design, to clothing and furniture – Luke has turned his hand to most creative disciplines with wonderful results. Not constrained by the binding of one creative field, but having a style that crosses them all with ease. Now there’s something to be inspired by.

It – Alexa Chung

The first visual book I found inspiration in, at the time of publishing It was revolutionarily creative for a mainstream book. A cross between an autobiography, style archive, photography exhibition and sketchbook, this book gave me creative joy throughout my teen years and continues to do so to this day. If I am ever stuck in a style rut, this is where I go; to find inspiration for sketching, this is where I go; for everything else… well you get the jist.

Have you got any books that you have a creative connection with? I hasten to add these are not my only sources of book inspiration, but maybe we’ll save some of the others for another day!

  1. I love the collage of pictures and pages from the books that you’ve put together here! It’s gorgeous and it’s tempting me to buy one…!

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