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You will all know by now that I love getting dressed in the morning. It is something I can always find joy in and working from home, both before and after this all kicked off, it is something that I have always done knowing that it helps me feel ready for the day. One thing I have been taking advantage of in the last few weeks is having more time to get dressed and choosing the perfect mood boosting outfit for the day to keep my spirits as peppy as a championship winning cheerleader (of course!). Whether it is a fancy dress or a jumper and jeans, clothes can certainly transform my mood and have definitely been helping me through these crazy times in their own small way. This week I thought I’d share a few of my recent favourite mood-boosting outfits and share that you can make every day an occasion to wear -that- outfit…

Left: Blazer – Vintage from Depop | T-shirt – M&S | Jeans – Topshop Mom Jeans | Belt – Vintage from Charity Shop

I have been on the hunt for the perfect vintage beige blazer for what feels like an eternity (I’m picky don’t you know!). A plain white tee, mom jeans and a vintage belt have been one of my go-to combinations during this period as something I feel confident in and with this new addition arriving from a lovely Depop seller this week, my go-to combo has become my favourite outfit. It’s a nice easy one to shove on and is easily interchangeable with different styles of jeans, different coloured t-shirts and different styles of blazer but always a winning combination in my eyes.

Right: Top – Vintage from Vintage Kilo Sale | Trousers – Topshop from Charity Shop | Shoes – Muji

One thing that this time has given me is time to experiment with items I wouldn’t usually wear together and I have found some new combinations that I absolutely love. I think sometimes straying away from a ‘normal’ base colour such as blue or black can make an outfit feel a bit out of our (my!) comfort zone, but I have been loving using white as a base with pops of colour and it feels fresh to be wearing something different.

Left: T-shirt – Next Mens | Trousers – Uniqlo | Socks – Primark | Shoes – Office

The comfiest trousers around (that Uniqlo may or may not have intended to be pyjamas) are these beige wonders. Paired with a simple tee (are we seeing a theme!) and yes, that is a sock & sandal combo, this outfit has become a favourite of mine. A cross between comfort and style is definitely the perfect balance for our current situation.

Right: Dress – ASOS from Depop | Shoes – Dr Martens from Depop

A full Depop outfit, now there’s something that makes me happy! Before I buy anything new (which to be honest is a rare occasion nowadays), I always give myself either a bit of time to scour the charity shops or have a good browse on depop. More often than not I can find either the exact item or a very similar, probably nicer option before I need to buy new. I think finding a secondhand gem, such as this oversized, waffle material dress or these docs, makes an outfit even more special because not only do I love the items but I have spent time searching for them. A bit like the gold at the end of a treasure hunt, you just won’t take it for granted after that long quest.

Left: Shirt – Vintage from Preloved Vintage Kilo Sale | Jeans – Topshop Mom Jeans

A simple 80s mom inspired look, again the mom jeans get a look in as they become a bit of a staple during lockdown (despite rumours you are psychotic if you wear jeans when you are only going to be around the house! not true!) There is something about a silk shirt which is light and warm at the same time making this the perfect outfit for a cool spring day. If I went out I would probably pair this with my Alexa Chung Plain Jane Supergas. Got to love a bit of cream!

Right: Tank Top – Kina & Tam | T-shirt – M&S | Jeans – Topshop Joni Jeans from Depop

Leaving the most ‘controversial’ outfit to last, the jumper I can only wear at the moment as I’m unspokenly not allowed to wear it out with my family as it is, well, quite a statement. The naive style of this tank top and it’s bold colours bring me such joy and whatever anyone else thinks I love it – and that is positive dressing at it’s finest. Especially if it gives everyone in your household a good giggle!

What have you been wearing during this period, have you got a go-to comfy outfit or have you been wearing ball gowns every day because you can?

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