A Guide to the Joy of Instagram Lives

One thing that I have been really enjoying doing over the past few weeks is tuning into Instagram Lives on my phone. From workouts and workshops to chats and games, everyone has been getting involved, going live and I am loving it. There is something about tuning into something live and being able to interact with such wide communities of people that has a really satisfying social impact on my day, I almost always leave feeling brighter. And because I have been loving them so much and it seemed selfish not to, I thought I’d share some of my favourite ‘shows’ from the past few and how you can get involved too!

Mondays at 5:00pm – @ropesofholland & @shotfromthestreet host a Q&A session inspired by their Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum podcast.

Everyday at 11:00am – @daniellepeazermethod is doing at home dance workouts every day, you can also sign up to her online course to get even more workout fun!

Wednesdays at 8:00pm – Bingo with Jules and Sarah on their podcast instagram – @julesandsarahpodcast. This is a hot and a half, not you average serious bingo. Expect wigs, drinks and giggles from these two and you!

Fridays at 7:30pm – Pub Quiz time with @lucysheridan promises all the fun for a Friday night! Bring a pen & paper, even get your pals on it too over video, the winner also wins a free copy of Lucy’s gorgeous book!

Everyday at 9:00pm – @jimmys bar have been doing isolation gigs with a different amazing artist every night.

Sundays at 11am – Flower painting workshops from freelance illustrator and surface print designer @klbdesignhouse. One to set your Sunday off right!

Every Saturday – @theannaedit and @lilypebbles have all the chats on instagram live, join in for uplifting and sister-like content. Or check out Lily’s instagram for previous chats!

Watch out for – @rupikaur_ , yes the Milk & Honey Rupi Kaur, is running writing workshops that are bliss. Catch up on her IGTV, or follow her to tune in when she announces them

Everyday at 6:00pm – Live HIIT Classes every day with @patrickmojipt for that bit of omph when you are feeling sluggish!

Obviously I don’t hit up all these classes and gatherings every week – that would make for a pretty full schedule, but a couple of these a week really puts a bit more of a spring in my step and who doesn’t want that right now. Have you been enjoying any Instagram Lives? If so, I’d love to know and for you to share your recommendations too!

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