Would I Still Wear It? Outfits from My Childhood

Inspired by this video on Who, What, Wear of the queen of cool – Alexa Chung – looking back at some of the outfits she’s worn over her career, I thought I would delve into the archives and provide some amusement for you all during this strange, worrying time. Below are a just some of the iconic (hear the sarcasm) outfits I wore as a child and my thoughts on if they could still make it in my 2020 wardrobe, what do you think? There’s plenty more where these came from so be sure to let me know if you fancy a part II… or not!

It’s Vintage Darling

A sheepskin coat is a vintage lover’s staple and although I’m 98% sure this was just made of faux fleece, this picture couldn’t be more like my current style. I mean genuinely, I have almost exactly the same hair (although not as ‘undone’ cool) and would wear my favourite funky trousers and a sheepskin coat any day. 10/10!

Socks & Sandals

The main statement in this outfit has to be the blue socks & pink sparkly jelly shoes – what an idea! *immediately goes online to order jelly shoes* This is a typical outfit from my childhood, wild velvety leggings and a motif top – on this one it looks like Tiger Lily from Peter Pan, which would be why I had it as I was a huggge Peter Pan fan! Not sure I’d go for the fully red look now, but cosy leggings, appreciation tops and jelly shoes are all great things – maybe just not together!

Country Bumpkin

If you didn’t already know that I grew up in the countryside, then this picture will certainly curb any of your doubts. Fleece, wellies and a shirt – the ultimate fun, country outfit to tend to my miniature garden in. This is the sort of outfit you will now only catch me in if I am hanging the washing out or going for a walk, but kudos to my parents for colourful practicality.

Paris Chic

Wow, now for a classic – breton stripe anyone? This top looks super cute and even has a baguette illustration on – just incase you weren’t sure where the breton originated from! I would certainly wear this now, although maybe with some more toned down trousers, I really did wear a lot of red as a child didn’t I.

It’s Jungle Time

This matching two-piece set is just something else isn’t it. Fiery jungle themed perhaps? A long sleeved red top with patterned arms and flared patchwork trousers with velvet and leopard print galore. Obviously for a finishing touch I’ve turned them up on one leg to create a white cuff – such style. I remember adoring this outfit and although I probably wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole now, back then this was a look and I have zero regrets!

My first (and last) Prada

What’s going on here then? Only one of my favourite fashion memories! I’d just been bought those boots from a *Prada outlet shop* in Italy and trust me I was so chuffed! I remember being so excited that I didn’t even get them out the shop before they were on my feet, despite (as my face tells you) the scorching Italian heat. If I still had these and they magically fit I would still be wearing them – although maybe not with a puff sleeved pink top!

Thoroughly Modern Minnie

Disney and a classic outfit! Well done parents this one was *very* modern. Skinny jeans, when they’d only just started appearing; a cute embroidered denim jacket with a corduroy collar, and some chunky white trainers. I am surprised Pluto wasn’t asking for my autograph. I would definitely wear this now – maybe minus the embroidery though, that isn’t so much my vibe anymore.

The First Sighting of Granny Holly

Granny Holly in her true form. This photograph was taken at my grandparents house and honestly if I still had these items I would for sure be wearing them – although maybe not together. I am obviously making important business calls in my matching-but-not embroidered flower hat and coat, and no doubt there is a handbag (or two) that mean business out of shot. As for the pearls, where can a girl get some pearls in isolation?

What was your favourite outfit as a child? Did you like how your parents dressed you, or maybe you dressed yourself? I’d love to see some pictures!

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