Peanut Butter Tiffin Recipe

After seeing – this – wonderful Biscoff Tiffin recipe on the new improved Zoella site, I was determined to give it a go. It was no cook, easy to make and basically fool-proof; essentially right up my street. However, I was typically underprepared and soon realised I had no biscoff spread! As lazy as ever I decided that instead of driving to the shops I would instead use the peanut butter I had in the cupoboard. The result? A slightly gooey, chocolatey heaven. For a first attempt it wasn’t bad. Since then I have tried several different variations on the recipe, there has *so sadly* been a lot of taste testing, and the result is delicious, holds together and is truly irresistible. After spending all this time working out the best way to make it, I thought I would share the recipe with you – if not simply to stop my friends stealing my food!

Yum! I am actually going to go and have a hot chocolate and a slice of this now. Happy Saturday everyone!

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