Q&A #3

It’s that time again, time to answer all of your questions! You all know how much I love a good ol’ Q&A and I hope that, despite us being on Round 3, you will still learn something new today – if not only that I have a far worse music taste than you first thought and that I have a questionable taste in snacks!

What are you planning for the blog in 2020?

Lots of lovely things! I will be continuing to post (almost) weekly and want to keep focussing on the things I am loving at that particular moment in time and sharing them with you! I hope to do more vintage/second hand inspired content and maybe a bit more music too, as well as some more collaborations because you all LOVE those! It is going to be a fab year!

Are there any clothes (or anything else!) that are on your wishlist at the moment?

I have been seeing this black, Sophie Hulme Bolt Bag everywhere online & I am on the look out for a good dupe, so I’d say a dupe to that (despite having not been found yet) is on my 100% on my list. On my hunt for a good dupe, I also came across this beauty from Leo et Violetta, which I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have my eye on! Elsewhere, after trying it on in Manchester, I will probably be buying this down coat from Uniqlo sometime soon and would also love to read Calypso by David Sedaris, after hearing so many good things, so I better pick up a copy of that too!

What’s your current favourite song?

I am obsessed with Kids Addicted by Red Rum Club , but also my guilty (not guilty) pleasure in December was The Gambler by fun.

Have you got new years resolutions for 2020?

I don’t have any specific resolutions written down or anything like that, despite normally doing so! I would love to get moving a bit more by getting back to Zumba maybe, book some trips away to explore new places and see friends, maybe save a bit of money too – that can only ever me a good thing right? – and just try and be an all around good bean!

Are there any youtubers / influencers that you would recommend following at the moment?

Yes! I am obsessed with Lizzy Hadfield’s (A Shot From The Street) youtube channel and also her blog, both are the perfect balance of relaxed, informative and beautiful, and of course have a bit of northern charm thrown in too! I shared loads of recommendations in this blog post for youtubers, but would also say on instagram @charlottejacklin, @ginamartin and @ropesofholland.

What are the best and worst bits about writing a blog?

I love having a creative outlet that has no pressure around it (bar the pressure I put on myself!), a place where I am in full control of what I do and say, it’s just so much fun! I also love shooting photos, especially flat lays, and when you get feedback that you have helped someone, or made them laugh, or even shown them their dream handbag – then that is such a good feeling too!

Can you share your 2019 Spotify Wrapped?

I was hoping no-one would ask this! Anyone who knows me well will know I keep up a facade of having a ‘good’ music taste, when really it is a crazy mixed bag of a bit of everything – especially the Mamma Mia 2 Soundtrack.

My top artists were: Ward Thomas, Glee Cast, Florence & The Machine, The Regrettes, Lady Gaga

The explanation to that is that Ward Thomas are underrated geniuses; I have about 10 tonnes of Glee on my Spotify so it always plays on Shuffle – there are like 6 seasons! and Florence is an absolute angel, her music is perfection. The Regrettes were a new discovery of mine this year and are my ultimate band to dance around the kitchen to, and as for Lady Gaga did you not see A Star is Born? Soundtrack on repeat through 2019!

Do you have a current favourite snack?

I keep making banana bread, which is just so yum! I totally recommend this recipe from BBC Good Food. So I eat that, but also because I have such a sweet tooth I will snack on anything! Favourites include French Fancies, Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations Popping Candy Chocolate and I love a custard doughnut (or two!).

I hope you enjoyed learning some more random information about me – if that wasn’t enough for you head over to my first and second Q&As to get answers to the more mundane questions. Oh, and for anyone wondering these totally unrelated pictures are from the glorious Tim Walker Exhibition that is on at the V&A until May I think, so get yourselves down there quick!

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