Independent Christmas Gift Guide 2019

This year I have vowed to be more conscious about where I am buying presents from. I have made a concerted effort to support small brands and makers that I love or even make people’s gifts myself. By buying from independent makers, not only do you often get a one of a kind gift, but you also give the gift of support to the wonderful people running these small businesses. If that isn’t Christmas spirit then I don’t know what is. Today I have put together a small collection of just some of my favourite indie shops in the hope that you will be able to find your perfect Christmas gifts within them because I certainly have!

Annie Dornan Smith, The Smallish House, Pico

1. Annie Dornan Smith just stocks the most adorable paper-goods ever – she’s even got Christmas prints for the classy Christmas decorators amongst you. I have regularly gifted her prints and used her cards over the years and can’t recommend her highly enough! Plus Annie wraps things so cutely too, so no wrapping required!

2. The Smallish House create playful prints and accessories, including lovely washbags and cushions. If you are on the look out for some special christmas cards this is definitely one of my favourites!

3. Pico produce the most gorgeous essentials – think muted coloured underwear and beautiful cotton towels. What I love most about this brand is their commitment to the right ethics and the traceability of their products right back to the source of the materials. They are so transparent about their processes and the results are just heavenly. I’ll take one of everything please!

Studio LP Ceramics, Atelier Auge, Brazenell Design

4. Studio LP Ceramics is confetti central. Jugs, mugs and toothbrush holders galore these fun ceramics would make the perfect addition to any colour lovers home! My personal favourite is the Sprinkles Bud Vase, what’s yours?

5. Lucy from Atelier Auge is a wonderful artist who has expanded to create everything from greetings cards and postcards to prints. Her line paintings of flowers and nature are as delicate as they are bold and I couldn’t be more obsessed. A great range of prices too to help you find the perfect gift!

6. Brazenell Design is the wonderful custom pet portrait business run my my lovely friend Daisy. She will produce prints and t-shirts of your furry loved ones and these would be the most special gifts! If only I had a pet to be portraited!

Amy Lesko, Nomi Makes, Jen Collins

7. Amy Lesko creates the most wonderful illustrations and I love the idea of gifting one of her custom portraits to someone – they are literally the cutest and so affordable too. Find her on Etsy at leskoletsgo!

8. The jewellery from Nomi Makes is such a fun statement. Crafted from polymer clay it would be the perfect gift for any arty friend that loves to stand out from the crowd. If I had my ears pierced I would be adding some of her earrings to my list for sure!

9. Jen Collins totes, prints, stickers and all sorts of loveliness are just heavenly. My favourites are these beautiful stickers and these Graecian inspired totes, so so good!

Lovecrumbs, Never Perfect, Wolf & Gypsy

10. Taking note from our recent post about Wintery Hot Drinks, Lovecrumbs and its present worthy teas and hot chocolates gets a huge thumbs up from me. Orange, Chilli & Clove Hot Chocolate sounds like the perfect Christmas gift to me!

11. Never Perfect Studio‘s textile art and pom pom shop is a feast for the eyes. I love their pom pom wreaths and christmas baubles – especially those leopard decorations. Make sure, as with all of these shops, you make note of those final delivery days to make sure you don’t miss out!

12. Wolf and Gypsy Vintage is the dream vintage shop and their own brand wonders are pretty marvellous too. If you are looking for a special item of clothing for someone with super cool style then this is the place to go. My current favourites are these incredible furry clogs and this blue fur hat!

Where’s your favourite place to buy gifts for Christmas?

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