New Finds & Current Favourites #8

It’s that time again! Can you believe that it has been a whole four months since my last New FInds & Current Favourites post? Never fear though because in that time I have found so many gorgeous things to share with you! The last few weeks have been full of rain and just getting stuff done, but I have managed to squeeze in some lovely visits to friends which continue with a trip to Scotland next week! Very exciting! How are you, how have you been? Did you have a good Halloween? Grab a biscuit and let’s have a natter, I’ve got so much to tell you about in this post…

  • These handmade clothes and homewares from Made By Celeste, are just too lovely. I adore the towelling loungewear and if those lavender bags aren’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen…
  • There’s a new favourite artist in town, Michelle Morin. I’ve never really been a huge lover of landscapes but this U.S. artist has really changed the game for me, her textures and colours are to die for. I’ll take one of each please. Visit her website here and Etsy page here
  • Want to know the facts on what is really going on with Climate Change? Extinction Rebellion’s ‘The Emergency’ page clearly presents the facts about our global climate breakdown so we can really understand what we need to work together to resolve.
  • I often struggle to read, not because I don’t have time but because I don’t prioritise it, and so I absolutely loved this post from The Anna Edit about finding time for reading in our busy lives. Pass me a book!
  • The prints on the clothing and homewares from The Gorman Shop are breathtaking and they ship to the U.K. I love how individual the pieces are and I think someone is going to have to hold me back to stop me making a huuuge order!
  • Netflix’s film McQueen, all about late fashion designer Alexander McQueen is a beautiful watch and a fitting credit to him and his life. A must watch for anyone whether you like fashion or not, with incredible graphics, music, interviews and footage. This is one not to be missed!
  • Have you seen that our favourite gal Liv Purvis, from What Olivia Did, has launched a website for The Insecure Girls Club? It is such a beautiful space for people to openly share their experiences and learn from others. It may even have started to fill the honest internet hole that was left when Rookie Mag closed down earlier in the year.
  • I love this snapshot of blogger Megan Ellaby’s summer on film, it has such a nostalgic feel to it. I am nearly done with my most recent roll and nothing beats the excitement of waiting to see your photos for the first time!
  • Who Gives A Crap are the new toilet paper brand for the ethically minded. 100% recycled or bamboo toilet roll, with no plastic packaging and with profits that go towards building toilets! An easy switch to make for any household or business.
  • Lorien Stern‘s amazing artwork is so fun and I pretty much want every t-shirt from her collection. Colourful shark art anyone?
  • One of my friends recently reminded me of one of the greatest youtube channels – PostmodernJukebox. The brainchild of Scott Bradlee, the channel takes modern songs and retro-ifys them. My favourite? Their 40s Swing Cover of Still into You by Paramore.

What have you been loving this autumn?

  1. I love the ‘Who Gives a Crap’ toilet paper! I’ve been using it since last Christmas (I actually got it as a Christmas gift haha) it’s so great and I love the brands initiative. I have trouble prioritizing reading as well, so I’ll have to check that post out!
    These are all such awesome things! It’s given me some inspiration. (:

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