DIY Tights Storage for Messy Drawers

Does anyone else despair when they need to delve into any of their crazy messy drawers? Me too, and my arch nemesis is my drawer of tights. They somehow manage to get SO tangled and despite my best efforts I just cannot seem to keep that compartment tidy. I decided I needed to do something about it and have come up with an quick and easy solution that I thought I’d share with you today. Grab some toilet rolls and some paint and let’s get going!

From this …

… to this!

You will need | cardboard toilet rolls | acrylic paint | paintbrush | sharpie pens | about 30 minutes

Now this DIY could be over in a flash, you could literally just pop your tights into some old toilet rolls and voila – more of a life hack than a DIY. However, if you are anything like me and like things to look nice then here’s a suggestion to save your drawer from looking like a recycling box.


First what you need to do is paint your toilet roll with acrylic paint. I chose to go for white, but you could do this in any colour you fancy. I can imagine black would look super chic! These are more difficult to paint than you might first imagine, so hold a small area of them between your thumb and forefinger whilst you do it – as shown in the picture below.

When you have finished painting your roll, stand it on end to dry – ensuring you pick them up every now and then to stop them sticking to the surface. Once they are dry, see how they look to see if you need to do another coats – I decided I would and gave mine a rough texture with my brush.

Now it is decision time, how should we decorate it? I recommend going for something relatively simple if you are going to be doing a lot of these, or you will be sick of it by the time you’ve finished.


I decided to simply use a juicy sharpie to draw different monochrome patterns on mine – I did wibbly stripes, squiggles and a sort of waterfall of triangle and was so pleased with how they turned out. You could also use a different colour of acrylic paint to add, write the colour of the tights on the roll, or even collage some magazine images onto it. There really are infinite options.

Roll and Store

Now all that is left to do is roll up your tights fairly tight and pop them into your rolls. I only wanted to store my nude coloured tights and they fit perfectly into a roll. However, I think if you wanted to store any thicker tights you would have to roll them very tightly to fit them in. It might be worth giving that a go before you do the decorating to avoid disappointment when they don’t fit at the end! Let me know how you get on!

Do you have any absolute nightmare drawers and how do you organise them?

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