My Most Worn Shoes of 2019

I was looking through my shoes, trying to send a couple of pairs to the charity shop and it got me thinking about what I look for in a good pair of shoes. Now obviously we have different pairs for different things, but I now realise even though pairs are of different styles there is normally still a common thread that runs through your collection. My common threads – monochrome, flat (mostly) and something with a slight quirk, be that fully black Dr Martens or water repellent trainers.

I have spoken about quite a few of these shoes before and if you want to see how I’ve styled them throughout the year (or years in many cases) then check out the Style section of the blog for all the inspiration. I hope this post inspires you to look at your shoe wardrobe and find the common thread in your collection – trust me, once you’ve found it buying shoes becomes a breeze! Right, so what are my favourites then?

Dr Martens 1461 Mono 3 Eye Shoes

I love this pair of Docs and anyone who knows me, or even who has been following this blog for a while, will know it. These were my first pair of Dr. Martens. I got them when I was in Year 9 as my school shoes and that was one of the best decisions I ever made. Seven years later, and after many years of daily wear in and out of school, these babies are still going strong. Yes, the toes are a bit scuffed, but the timelessness of these shoes is just incredible – they’ve never sat unused at the back of the cupboard because I can’t help but reach for them. I got the all-black style, without the classic yellow stitching, because I think it helps give the shoes a toned down impact. I think they can speak for themselves with their individual shape and bulk, without needed to say look at me with stitching, and it also makes them easier to style, allowing them to complete more outfits.

Would I buy from Dr Marten again? Hell yes, every pair of shoes and boots that I have ever had from there have been the BEST quality and their style really lines up with mine – they may even be my favourite shoe brand. I have had my eye on this Polley T-Bar style for a while, so maybe they’ll be my next purchase – that is if I can bear breaking them in! I would 100% recommend the brand to anyone considering an investment, they are such a staple in my wardrobe and god knows what shoes I would wear in a wardrobe crisis if I didn’t have these!

Office Bounty Cross Sandals

Despite loving the chunkiness of Dr. Martens, when I ordered some Birkenstock sandals (the docs of the sandal world) they were just too clunky for my liking. I have spoken about this before in – this post – so I won’t repeat myself, but these Office numbers are a fantastic alternative if, like me, you just can’t quite get on the Birkenstock train.

I mostly wear these around the house, as a sort of alternative slipper, or when I’m in the garden. They are that one pair of shoes that everyone has that is easy to slip on in a moments notice. I have styled them in this photo with socks as … to be honest that is generally how I wear them. I know socks and sandals is (supposed) to be a crime against fashion but to be honest I like how it looks and I’m not even sorry (ok, maybe just a bit)! Let’s move on!

Superga X Alexa Chung Plain Jane Trainers

A high top that isn’t a converse, I never thought I’d see the day that I’d choose not to include a pair of converse. So what is it about these that’s a bit special? They look great styled up smart with a suit – as you can see here – or just as good with some leggings and a sweatshirt. Does that make them the ultimate versatile shoe? They definitely seem to be in my wardrobe. Their versatility comes from two things, the first being their slightly off white colour that allows them to look very chilled or put together depending on the colours you pair it with, and the second being that they are a structured high top that has falls slightly lower on the ankle than the average converse. These elements together make them just that little bit different and that’s what makes them so fun to style. All hail Queen Alexa!

Moda in Pelle White Studded Boots

I have featured these boots countless times over the years because they are my ultimate ankle boot. I call them my ‘Noel Fielding’ boots, due to their slight wackiness – and that’s what I love about them. They add interest to an outfit, have the perfect heel and of course – they’re white. I marvel at how clean these have stayed despite almost weekly wear for several years. Magic boots, that’s for sure!

Muji Water Repellent White Trainers

I’m not sure it is going to be a surprise to anyone that these trainers are in the mix for my most worn shoes – despite the fact I have only had them a couple of months. You will all remember my grand quest for the ultimate white trainer and these were the result! Affordable, well made, plain white and comfortable. Yes! Out of all the shoes in this post these are the ones I wear the most. A pair of white shoes goes with every outfit and there is something about a clean white pair of trainers that really pulls my style together – they’re outfit completers, and I am for sure an outfit repeater with these on my feet every day!

It is also worth noting that the water repellent nature of this pair really helps in the quest to keep them clean and they are no-where near as grubby as previous pairs of whites that I’ve had. For reference I am a small size 5 and I wear the size 24cm. I recommend going in store to try on all the different sizes as it is quite confusing!

A couple of pairs I’ve got my eye on, maybe they will be the future most worn:

What shoes have you worn most this year and do you think I am missing any absolute staples? I love having so many shoes that I actually wear in my wardrobe, enjoying them is the most important thing after all!

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