Outfit Diary | Late Summer Neutrals

What this post should actually be called is ‘Outfit Diary | Many Ways to Wear Your New Favourite Muji Trainers’, but somehow it didn’t quite have the same ring to it. After you all loved my last Outfit Diary, thanks by the way, I am delighted to bring you some of my favourite outfits from the past few weeks in our new favourite informal post style. The mirror selfie returns and I hope that this post will provide some outfit inspiration for the funny period of time that is late summer in England. If the weather could just make its mind up, I would be most grateful.


Top – Uniqlo

Jeans – Topshop Mom Jeans

Sandals – Office

Belt – Thrifted, from Mind Charity Shop.

As summer fades out (sorry, but it’s happening) I love making the most of the last of the weather by wearing thin jumpers, jeans and sandals. This pair are very similar to Birkenstocks, but less chunky and I love that. I’m all for an oversized shoe, but after ordering and trying Birkenstocks, I just found them so heavy and wanted something much lighter for summer (or autumn!). I was delighted when I found this pair from Office that still have that slightly oversized look, but don’t mean you have to drag your feet around in the sun. The perfect dupe in my eyes and an outfit I have been wearing so much over the past few weeks.


Top – Thrifted Velvet Tee, from Happy Staffie Rescue Charity Shop.

Trousers – Thrifted H&M, from Oxfam Charity Shop.

Shoes – Muji

Cardigan – Vintage, bought from Ironbridge Vintage Corner.

White trousers are something that a lot of people avoid, I think for fear of stains, pant visibility (!!) and perhaps just because they are seen as a slightly out there choice. I first started wearing white trousers last winter and have been loving the summer brightness they bring on even the most grey of September days. I wore this outfit to visit a friend up in Cheshire and since then have been wearing various variations of it, swapping out the top for everything from t-shirts to roll necks!


Top – Thrifted, from The British Heart Foundation charity shop.

Trousers – Vintage from Beyond Retro.

Trainers – Muji

Hairclips – Amazon

I wore this outfit the day after I got these trousers to make my way back up to the Midlands. I always love when you buy new items when you are away and want to wear them straight away. It gives you a nice challenge to try and work out if you’ve packed anything that might go with your new found item, and it is so fun to try and put outfits together from such a limited choice. Here’s what I came up with – what do you reckon? Comfy for travelling, but cool for a mooch around London before the journey home.


T-shirt – H&M

Jeans – Weekday Voyage, bought on Depop.

Trainers – Alexa Chung X Superga Plain Janes, bought on eBay.

Belt – Thrifted, from Mind Charity Shop.

The colour palette of this outfit is one of my favourites – cream and black with hints of gold. I love it. I love the faded black of these Weekday Voyage jeans that I got on Depop, but (as you may be able to tell) they are a bit big for me so I am selling them so I can get the right size. They are the perfect length, just a bit big around the waist – fingers crossed I will find a new pair on Depop, it’s all recycling right?


Top – Thrifted, originally from M&S.

Dress – Nobody’s Child, bought from Depop.

Tights – Primark

Shoes – Muji

This is an errand running outfit if ever I saw one! Layers for if you get too hot running here, there and everywhere; trainers for allowing said running to be able to happen and a whole lot of pockets for the inevitable on-surge of receipts, coins and car park tickets. I love how my little stripy top pokes out the top of this little dress from Nobody’s Child, giving a little pop of pattern. Similarly I also love the dark and light denim-like finishes of the jacket & dress that help to tie the outfit together. Sorry, I’m off to run ALL the errands.

What’s your current favourite outfit to wear? My favourite from this lot has to be number two, which I will be recreating tomorrow for an exciting day vintage shopping and watching ballet, I know – who even am I! I hope you all have a lovely weekend in the sunshine.

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