New Finds & Current Favourites 7

Happy first of June! It’s that time of the month again; time for me to share the things I am currently obsessing over – of course! From wallpaper and music to apps and television, there is a bit of everything (as always) in this post and I hope you enjoy making some new discoveries!

This wallpaper from Lulie Wallace is literally the cutest thing, doesn’t it look amazing in the home of Elsie, from ‘A Beautiful Mess‘. Now to find a wall to put it on…

Speaking of the ‘A Beautiful Mess‘ Team, I am so excited that they have collaborated with Zoe Sugg to create the brand new film editing app – Filmmapp . The team have two incredible photo editing apps – A Colour Story & A Design Kit – that I already love and use (read about how I use them in this post) and so this is just SO exciting! And will maybe even result in a few more films on here, who knows…

Plykea is my new favourite company. They make plywood and formica (my favourite) doors and worktops for Ikea kitchens, and it is an incredible idea. It means that if people need a new kitchen on a budget but don’t like the ikea styles, or already have an Ikea kitchen, they can still get a beautiful kitchen look! If I ever inherit an Ikea kitchen I know what company I will be paying a visit!

Jess Conte sharing her favourite songs by singing them is such a beautiful video, she is such a natural talent & I adore her voice. Which song was your favourite?

BBC Scotland’s Home of the Year has become one of my favourite programmes to watch if I have a spare half an hour. Not only is it hosted by lovely people including the delightful Kate Spiers, from Kate la Vie, but the houses are so varied and dreamy. I love that the homes featured actually feel lived in and it is truly a delight to watch.

Gestuz have released the dress of dreams, the TjekkeGZ Dress T. A yellow checked, tiered shirt dress with a matching scrunchie. I mean it even has three-quarter length sleeves and I will not rest until I find one on ebay or depop. I missed one the other week & I was so annoyed; never again!

Don’t shout at me, but I am not a fan of Game of Thrones. However, watching Maisie William’s TED talk, I was in awe of the amazing message that she put across – ‘Don’t strive to be famous, strive to be talented‘ – yes, Maisie. 100% recommend you give this a watch, she speaks so well.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of – finally – watching ‘A Star is Born‘ and all I have to say is wow. You’d be right in thinking that I haven’t been able to stop singing the songs ever since – my favourites are ‘Shallow‘ (obviously), ‘Music to My Eyes‘ and ‘I Don’t Know What Love Is‘. Have you seen this Gaga-Cooper marvel?

What are your current favourite things, or have you discovered any old favourites that you can’t get enough of?

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