Finally Falling in Love with Accessories

Accessories are something that I have long avoided. One reason for this was that I take long enough to decide what to wear in the morning before I even begin to add extras, can you imagine how much longer it would take me? Secondly, and I think the real reason behind why I have never fallen in love with accessories, is quite simply that I didn’t know how to wear them. I didn’t know which bracelet went with which necklace, and how to use those oversized hair clips without looking like I was off to nursery.

I feel like I have come on leaps and bounds in terms of knowledge of accessories and it is all down to some ladies on Instagram, and a couple elsewhere, doing it seriously right. Thanks to them I have learnt to be a bit braver and have finally fallen in love with accessorising. So, let’s see what I have been loving these past few months…

Pearly Hair Clips

These are a must talk about accessory.  I have been obsessed with the hair clip trend for months now, I really can’t get enough of it. You will have seen these pearl babies in my recent DIY Pearl Hair Clips post, but I have added to my collection since that post and am so delighted with my new additions – these oversized resin hair clips. These pretty clips are the perfect size, being not too oversized for my pea head, and have the ability to instantly remedy any bad hair day. I have some pearlescent pink ones and my personal favourites, the tortoiseshell. Obsessed.

Want to get your hands on some pretty-as-peach hairclips? Check out my Depop, where you will find all the hairclips you could every wish for.

Instagram Inspiration

Estee LaLonde | Olivia Purvis | Charlotte Jacklin | Sam Ushiro


In a gorgeous chocolatey brown colour, this scarf is my favourite way to dress up a simple outfit. I love to wear it when I have my hair up, leaving the long ends trailing down by my ponytail. Or sometimes I tuck the ends into the rest of the scarf and voila, you have a made-to-fit chunky headband.

Lil’ Gold Bracelet

I don’t know about you guys, but I seriously struggle with bracelets. I have little, skinny wrists and just about every bracelet that I have ever had has been too loose – to the point where many have fallen off in unknown locations & been lost forever. I have had this ‘gold’ number since I was really young and I think it is probably child size, therefore fits me perfectly. Since I recently rediscovered it when clearing out my jewellery collection, I have been wearing it with my silver jewellery, as a sort of mixed metals vibe– a look that I am loving at the moment. Thank goodness for children’s jewellery!

Clip-on Earrings

I shared these gorgeous clip on earrings in my Winter haul and have been loving them ever since. I have always wanted to get my ears pierced, but just never seem to get round to it, so for now these are satisfying a serious want to get in on the hoop earring buzz. Very 80s, and these may even be from back then!  

Casio Watch

Another discovery from my jewellery clear out, a watch that I though had been lost forever. It was so nice to finally be reunited with this Casio timepiece and in truth, I didn’t realise how much I had missed it.

What’s your current favourite accessory?

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