What’s In My Bag: London Edition

It’s time to go old school blogging, we’re doing a ‘What’s in My Bag’ post and quite frankly I can’t wait. It is so lovely to refresh a post I did back in 2016 (!!) when I was getting into my blogging groove and if you are anywhere near as nosey as me then I think you are going to like this throwback post. I have been on a few day trips recently and as I was packing my bag for a day in London I thought, what better to do than to share what I was taking with you lovely people. So, that’s exactly what we are going to do…

Let’s start with perhaps the most important part of this post – the bag. I have a couple of bags that I like to alternate between, but this is always the one I come back to and it is the Baggu Duck Bag. I have it in black and it is made of a thick canvas material, which is so durable. It has both short and long handle and a great sized internal pocket for all the little bits and pieces you don’t want to lose. I have owned, and loved, my Duck Bag (any Pretty in Pink fans will understand the humour of this) for about 2 years now and it has hardly aged, despite continual use. It is such a practical bag, I can fit everything (and more) in it, as you will soon see, and keeps its structured shape so well even when jam packed. Cool and it does the job, plus it comes in ALL the colours – no prizes for guessing what my next handbag purchase will be!

So, what do I keep in my bag when I’m off on a day trip. Well…

Purse: This is kind of crucial if you want to get anywhere, let alone in London. This purse was from Accessorize a few years ago and in it the most important things are my contactless card, for purchases and using on the tube as my ticket; my railcard, because we all need 30% off, and of course any vouchers to spend!

Phone & Camera (not pictured, but they’re always in there!): Some more important kit. When I’m in London I mostly use my phone to find the people I’m supposed to be meeting (oops!) and to navigate the tube, using the ‘Tube Map’ App, which I highly recommend if you are a nervous ‘tuber’. It just makes it so easy. As for a camera, you will never see me without this because you never know what you might see!

Food: Now, onto the important part. One of the things I always spend the most money on when I visit London is food, so I like to alleviate this cost a little bit by popping a snack in my bag. My current favourite is a Blueberry Muffin Nakd Bar – they taste SO good. I also like to have mints, rather than chewing gum – to freshen the breathe and it also means you don’t have to find somewhere to dispose of it. Is it me or do London Stations just have no bins??

Tote Bag: This is pretty self explanatory, a bag within a bag for when you buy too much & need to expand your ability to carry things. This always comes in so handy and the one I am currently using is from Couverture & The Garbstore and says ‘To Put Things In’ on it.

Pen & Noteboook: I am such a list maker and as a creative person, never know when a new idea is going to strike, so I love to keep a notebook on me for all of my ponderings. Anything I write in my phone notes disappears forever (why does that happen, it is like a black hole!), so I take a notebook everywhere to keep me organised!

Earphones: Need I mention these? They are a given on a long journey for all the music listening. I also used to like to wear them (without playing music) when I was travelling on the tube as I found it made it much less overwhelming. So, if you struggle with those underground trains, maybe give that a go!


Makeup Bag & Lady Supplies Bag: Well we can all guess what is in the latter, but in the former I keep my Green People Volumising Mascara, my Green People Foundation, a beauty blender, a comb (for fringe emergencies), a hair tie and a glasses cloth – there’s nothing worse than a smudge you can’t get rid of!

Book: I love to have a book on a long journey. It is the perfect opportunity to get really stuck into books you’ve been meaning to read for ages, with only the interruption of the conductor to check your tickets. I took Dolly Alderton’s ‘Everything I know About Love’, which I am really enjoying.

Keys: It’s just practical you know, you want to be able to get back into your house don’t you?

Water Bottle: Alongside food, the other thing I always end up buying when I’m in the big city is drinks – normally in plastic bottles! Not good! I got this amazing Frank Green bottle for Christmas, after a recommendation from @paperbyher, and I adore it. It is the perfect size and most importantly, I know I can trust it not to leak. Amazing and they come in every colour combination under the sun too!

There you have it, everything I take when I go out for a day to London. I took all of this on Friday for an amazing day and used it all, so that must mean I’m doing something right. Am I missing anything do you think?

What do you take in your bag when you go on a day out?

  1. I’ve seen Dolly’s book in bookstores so many times now and been wondering if I’d enjoy it and seeing you have, maybe I’ll try it! 🙂

    xx Anna | mylondonandbeyond.wordpress.com

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