Style File: Smart in the Sun

It’s been a while since I shared an outfit with you, partly because I am trying to shop a bit less and take time to shop in my own wardrobe, and partly because the weather has been pretty damn grey here in England. A week or so back there was a very controversial spell of sunny, warm weather, which we all had a lot of mixed feelings about. Yes, we could get out and enjoy the sunshine (and take these pictures), but we all know that it was a harsh reality check from mother nature about the real effects of global warming and how it is already kicking in. This has been a real wake up call for a lot of people, including me, to try and change their habits before it is too late for our planet. I know this maybe doesn’t seem like the right place to talk about this, but I didn’t feel like I could share these photographs without mentioning the real reason I was able to be ‘smart in the sun’.

Now we’ve all got to thinking, check out this link learn more about how to reduce your impact and then let’s take a look at this outfit. I bought this jumper and pair of needle cord trousers whilst on a recent holiday in Italy – which you can read all about here – and it was so nice to find some clothes that were just a little bit different to what you see here in England. Buying clothes from brands that only trade abroad, for me, is the same as buying vintage – it allows you to just be that little bit more individual. And who doesn’t want that?

By now you will know that I really love a blazer with trousers and for that reason I guess you could say my style often comes across as quite smart. I would always rather be overdressed than underdressed and I think that is something that you can really tell when looking through my closet.

One of the main reasons that I bought this jumper was the shape of it. It has batwing sleeves and a boxy body. It is structured and to me that quality can really help me create outfits that look ‘put together’ with little effort. I guess it works towards that ‘smarter’ style that I have come to love, especially when paired with my trusty H&M Blazer.

Of course, I paired the outfit with one of my many pairs of white boots, these ones from Moda In Pelle. I love a short, smarter trouser with a short boot in the winter. Warm, but still with a little bit of that signature ankle poking out. It is very rare that you will see me with full length trousers, that’s for sure.

I have been wearing this outfit so much and I think a blazer is my favourite transitional piece of the year as we move towards spring. Maybe in a few more weeks the jumper won’t be necessary, but would that really be a good thing. What’s your opinion of the insane and unconventional weather we have been having in the UK and do you love or loathe smart style?

  1. Hi Holly. Excellent post. I’m due a trip to some charity shops soon – trying to buy second hand where possible . I loved your blue blazer and jeans you wore a couple of weeks ago and your black jumpsuit was Ab Fab. Maybe a blog about that? You always look great! x

    1. Thank you so much Hayley! Me too, I love a browse through the charity shops! Awh, you are too lovely. I feel like the jumpsuit will be coming to a blog post near you very soon! x

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