New Finds & Current Favourites #6

These unconventional ‘favourites’ posts are some of my favourites, ironically, to put together because writing them is just like sharing some of my favourite discoveries with a good friend. I get so excited when I find something that really resonates with me and as you are reading this, I hope all of my finds will resonate with you too. From tipsy music reviews and jewellery collections to the best new slogan tees & must see exhibitions, there’s something for everyone in this collection of favs. Enjoy!

1. Estee Lalonde’s beautiful, vintage inspired jewellery collaboration with Daisy Jewellery was the talk of the town in the last few months of 2018 and for good reason, it is timeless, stylish and full of pieces that scream ‘You Need Me’. My favourite pieces are the Octagonal Necklace, the Flat Snake Chain Necklace and the Rising Sun Frame Ring.

2. Amy Jane (@heyamyjane) started a MUCH needed thread on Twitter this month that shared the best way to be kind to the environment as you declutter your home ‘Marie Kondo’ style. Discover what to do with your old clothes, tech, beauty and everything else & lets all be a bit kinder as we clear our homes of clutter.

3. The Goods Shop has such a wholesome independent shop and they have an on trend earthy vibe with a little hint of humour. I would love to fill my home with all of their ‘goods’ and one day hope to visit Lewes to experience their out of this world shop.

4. One item that I am desperate to get my hands on, after seeing @charlottejacklin on Instagram Stories using them for storage, is a Retro Basket (or two, or three) from Sun Jellies. As much as I’d love to use one as my newest handbag, I think it may be just a bit far and I know it would bring me an equal amount of joy to open my wardrobe & see all my bits and bobs sorted into pastel colour baskets. Bliss!

5. Booking tickets to the upcoming Mary Quant Exhibition, that starts at the V&A in April, is the activity at top of my to do list (I’ve already got tickets for the Dior spectacle). It is going to be an amazing 60s fashion fest with the queen of fashion at the time playing centre stage and I can’t wait. Clothes, art, photographs & archive material from Mary’s personal archive, and at only £12, it may be the bargain of the century.

6. Arden Rose’s tipsy review video of James Blake’s new album is one of my new favourite videos on the internet. An honest, raw and damn hilarious review of an album she REALLY loves, we’d like more please Arden!

7. In a time when people are beginning to value their clothes once more the Glitter Guide’s ‘How To Organise Your Clothes So They Stay in Good Shape‘ couldn’t be a better timed tutorial to help us all to help ourselves & the planet.

8. Artist Florence Given‘s new line of impeccably designed slogan t-shirts are every bold woman’s dream. I am obsessed with both the ‘Female Gaze’ one and the ‘Looking Good For Your Goddamn Self’, they’d definitely make excellent additions to any modern wardrobe. She also does tote bags & prints, and is for SURE one to follow on Instagram if you don’t already!

9. I discovered that Lizzy Hadfield (from A Shot From The Street) films Youtube videos, how I hadn’t already discovered this – I do not know. Anyway, I love the chilled out vibe of the videos, they are really down to earth and I feel like her fashion advice is second to none.

What have you been loving recently?

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