Style File: Trench Coats and Bags from Times Gone By

It’s been a while, but I’m finally back with a new outfit post. At the end of last year I found myself in a bit of a uninspiring wardrobe slump, however, as we’ve come into 2019 the clouds appear to have cleared and after a -very-thorough wardrobe sort out, I am back with an outfit made up of a few of my current favourite things. I have really being trying to shop for items that I will still love in years to come, rather than just following the trends. It has been a struggle, but think I am finally getting there with this outfit, as well as bringing back a item that has a very special place in my heart.

Firstly I want to talk about the most special item in this outfit and that is my bag. You all know I love a handbag, so I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you that it is what I want to talk about first. However, it may surprise you to know that this is no ordinary bag. Owned by my great-grandmother and passed down to me from my Gran, this bag has been in my family for generations and is the true definition of a piece of clothing passing the test of time.

A fully leather bucket bag, the bag is simple in design, with a single cavity inside and a simple handle over the top. Over time it has obviously been well used and a few of the stitches have come away, but other than that it is in pretty good nick. I hope to get these stitches repaired and I have put a little cotton drawstring bag inside to bring it up to date with the current trends. It will also help to keep my belongings dry if it rains, well a little bit drier anyway.

Elsewhere on the accessories front, I have been wearing my new leopard print hairband and of course my white boots. These boots may look familiar, as I featured them in the summer in one of my vintage style files, and if any of my friends are reading they will tell you that I have been wearing these boots pretty much non-stop since I got them. I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t get much wear out of them, but went for it anyway and they have been surprisingly easy to style. Easily one of my best buys of 2018 and I feel like, if I can manage to keep them white, they will be an item that I will come back to year after year.

In terms of my actual outfit, I am typically wearing my Topshop Joni Jeans because I essentially live in them, but don’t worry I do have a few very exciting new additions to share with you.

Despite only owning a few items from them, Paloma Wool is currently my absolute favourite brand. They are a Barcelona based company that describe themselves as a ‘project about getting dressed’. From their illustrated tees and brightly coloured corduroy sets to their silk dresses and jumpers – their collections are meticulously thought out and the results are stunning. Today I’m wearing one of their sweatshirts, which has a a nude & snake image embroidered into the front in ’70s brown’ thread. It is such an easy piece to throw on when I’m not sure what to wear, making sure I look put together even when I’m not feeling it! I would 100% recommend Paloma Wool, the quality of every item I have is flawless and I think they are definitely a brand to watch in the next few years.

Finally, onto the item that is seemingly dominating every picture in this blog post – my trench coat. I got this in the sale in TKMaxx, with it originally being from Noisy May, and it was exactly what I have been looking for. For a long time now I have known that I need to invest in a trench coat, they are timeless and something that I -personally- think every wardrobe should have. I knew this was the one as soon as I saw it, the muted colour was one that would work in both summer & winter and it was a miracle that it wasn’t too long for me, something I often struggle with (being on the shorter side!). I have been wearing it at every opportunity and as with my boots, I know I will be wearing it for a long time to come.

And there we have it, an outfit full of special accessories & timeless pieces. It is so nice to buy things that I know I will keep wearing, and just top up with accessories, such as the leopard print headband, to give a nod to the current trends. Do you shop with the trends or for years to come? And I’d love to know if you have anything sentimental, like my bucket bag, in your wardrobe!

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