A Night with Florence & The Machine

Where to begin with the gentle, powerhouse that is Florence & The Machine. Being a lady that I have followed & admired for years, it was such a special experience to be able to see & hear her in the flesh. The performance was captivating, raw and so high energy, and of course, with it taking place at the O2 Arena, the atmosphere was incredible.


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The setting was wooden & beautifully simple. It was scattered with musicians, from violinists to harpists, and billowing sails of cloth swooped down from the ceiling. The light was warm and positive, leaving a glow wherever Florence set foot.

Florence was dressed in a light, peachy coloured, almost fairy-tale like floaty dress and with her fiery hair flowing behind her, took to the stage with a presence that is rare to experience.


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Every song was so stunning, although of course we had our favourites. We were surprised by a few that we didn’t expect to be top of our lists, but made it anyway. I adored the classic Dog Days Are Over, we both loved South London Forever and What Kind of Man, & were surprisingly blown away by Hunger and 100 Years. You can view the whole setlist by clicking here.


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It was a marvel and anyone who can get the entire O2 Arena standing with no hesitation by their second song must have a crowd who know that this event was something extraordinary. If you ever get the opportunity to see Florence live I would highly recommend you take it and I hope that this will be the first of many times I see her.


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Thank you to James for inviting me to share such a special evening with him.

P.S. you can find my interview with my fellow Florence-lover James here, where we talk about everything from proving yourself to where to find creative inspiration.


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