My Top 5 Depop Buys

For those of you who haven’t come across the site that I like to call  ‘ebay for clothes’, Depop is quite simply an easy to use online marketplace where you can sell your unwanted clothes & buy other people’s. You know what they say, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure, and this has definitely been the case in my experience. I initially signed up to the Depop to sell a load of clothes that I wanted to give new homes, but I soon found myself browsing the amazing selection that the app had to offer and today I’m going to share with you a few of best things I’ve picked up. And, let me tell you, there are some goodies here!

1. Alexa Chung Love Rays T-shirt | from @laurajesscurran

This t-shirt was something that I loved as soon as it was released in one of Alexa Chung’s first collections for her new fashion line. It combined two of my favourite things, art and slogan t-shirts. I loved it! It is based on the work of the surrealist artist Man Ray and features the eyes from one of his many famous photographic works. However, as much as I wanted this t-shirt at the time, I just couldn’t justify paying full price for it and so left it and told myself to forget about it… that was until I was casually scrolling through Depop and there it was. All be it in a slightly worn condition, I managed to get the t-shirt of my dreams for a fraction of the original price and have basically been wearing it ever since. Yes!

Cost New: £85.00  |  Cost on Depop: £ 20.00

2. Vintage Hand-Knitted Cream Cardigan | from @pppjb (Leeds Vintage Box)

Sometimes you can spend a long time looking for a particular item of clothing that you have in your mind, you know exactly what you want and the high street shops just don’t deliver. That was certainly the case where this cardigan was concerned. I had searched for what felt like years for the ultimate, classic cream cardigan before I came across this one on Depop and I was delighted to finally find it. It is made of wool and I reckon it has been hand knitted too! This cardigan is just the right balance between slouchy & put together and it has become my go to item this Autumn. If you are in pursuit of something specific, don’t settle and keep looking – one day you’ll find it and trust me, it is so worth it.

Cost on Depop: £11.50

3. Finery London Pink Lapsey Bow Shoes | from @rumandcoke

From one item I was pursuing to another, these shoes from Finery London. Are they not just the prettiest things you have ever seen? I fell in love with these after seeing them in the background of a Youtube video and when I finally discovered where they were from they were already sold out. Boo! Once again Depop came to the rescue and after a few weeks of searching a pair popped up for great price. Yay! They are so comfortable to wear, the heel height is perfect and they are pink (my favourite!). They are a tad small for me, which is a shame, but I have worn them on several evenings out and the rest of the time have them displayed on my bookshelf for all to see.

Cost New: £99.00  |  Cost on Depop: £22.00


4. Embroidered T-shirt | from @theblkstore (Blackwater Studios)

By now you will know that I have a love for t-shirts, especially white ones. I picked this up as a total surprise when I saw it whilst scrolling one day. It is almost comical actually how much the design looks like me, now I have had my fringe cut back in. Blackwater Studios, who created this awesome tee, are definitely one to follow on Depop because their designs are all so classic and the quality of their work is stunning. The embroidery on this t-shirt is faultless and I can’t wait to show it off.

Cost on Depop: £7.00 (on sale)

5. Bella Freud Vinyl Slogan T-shirt | from @bubblyaquarius

SMy love for slogan t-shirts continues and Bella Freud may perhaps be the ultimate slogan brand. Their brightly coloured knitwear and love for a classic phrase has catapulted them into the hearts of many across the world and for good reason has given them a pretty hefty price tag. Luckily, Depop stepped in and came to the rescue delivering unto me this t-shirt at a bargain price. This ‘Vinyl’ printed tee acts a nod to my love of music and all things vintage. Yay for Bella & the power of secondhand shopping!

Cost New: £95.00  |  Cost on Depop: £20.00

For any of you with any reservations about using a bit of an unknown to sell your items, I am here to put your mind at rest, and from my personal experience the only problem I’ve ever had is items taking a bit longer to arrive than you might normally expect. I know that in the past Depop has had a bit of a reputation for being a bit unreliable, but as long as you carry out all of your transactions through Paypal, you are fully protected and your money is safe. Essentially if a refund is required, then a refund is what you will get.

And so, with that in mind, it is hard not to go crazy purchasing loads of gorgeous secondhand items, plus there are also some really great small vintage and new companies operating out of Depop that are a must visit. It is also worth bearing in mind how much better it is for the environment to buy secondhand rather than constantly loading your basket with cheap new items from the high street – but that is a whole other discussion!

Want to find me on the app? You can find me at @theartofbeingholly to see what I am selling and you can also find out what I have got my eye on too by clicking my ‘likes’. There are some real goodies in there!

Have you ever used Depop and what do you think of it?

Love Holly x

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