If My Life Was A Rom-Com | The Playlist

It will come as no surprise to most of you that my all time favourite genre of film is the classic rom-com. I love the feel good factor, the teen-drama and all of those cute meetings in record shops, bookshops and diners alike. However, there is one thing about rom-coms that I love more than anything else – the music. There is something so special to me about the soundtracks to all these awesome films. They are angsty, they are sweet and most importantly they lend themselves nicely to a dance in ones bedroom. I mean, what more could we ask for right?

And so when making a new playlist, I knew what it had to comprise of. I decided to compile all of my favourite rom-com songs and honestly it is spectacular, I know if my life were a rom-com these would definitely be the songs that would be playing as I went about my daily activities.



You can’t just buy me a guitar every time you screw up, you know? – Kat Stratford, 10 Things I Hate About You


What would your soundtrack look like if your life was a film genre?

Love Holly x

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